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The limes are also available powdered, worth seeking out as they're difficult to grind fine.
Dried limes are often in Middle Eastern groceries, especially those with a strong Iranian presence. Essentially small limes (or, according to Ottolenghi, sometimes lemons) that have been boiled in salt brine and left to dry until they’re rock hard, dried limes are a staple of Iranian cooking. Simply pricked a few times and dropped into your cooking liquid of choice they drink up broths and release a subtle acidity that, unlike acids themselves, remains bright even after hours of stewing.

But despite their growing popularity, dried limes have not yet made the mainstream crossover achieved by, say, preserved lemons. They taste like limes, but also like much more: a note of asafoetida and all the richness and complexity of a stellar vinegar. He often adds whole dried limes to the cooking liquid for rice (as in this recipe for Rice Salad with Fava Beans and Pistachios), the braising liquid for a stew (such as the Iranian vegetable stew he made for this week’s Night Kitchen, or stock for a soup. When not breezily dropping dried limes into soups, Ottolenghi recommends pulverizing them using a spice grinder.

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