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If, like me, you live five miles from the nearest market, you'll be glad to know that dried fruit lasts forever in the pantry. Storage:Dried fruit will keep, in or out of the refrigerator, for six months if stored in a dry, airtight container. Speaking of sulphur in dried fruits, I've finally come around to brown, dried apricots.

Patricia, we're just coming into that season here when dried and fresh fruits (especially apples and pears) are abundant. As good as it was for dessert, topped with sugar-free vanilla ice cream, it was even better for breakfast the next morning. Unless you dry fruit yourself (a dehydrator is the safest way), and know that what you have is 100 percent fruit, be sure to read the package labels before you buy.

Some dried fruit has added sugar and sulphur (which, believe me, has a very rooty-toot-toot side effect).

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