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The key to reaching and maintaining a healthful weight is to control your hunger so that you can stick to your diet. When you hear the words “cookie” & “diet” together you might think that they describe the latest fad diet. Siegal's COOKIE DIET cookies at GNC, the largest global specialty retailer of nutritional products," said Matthew Siegal, President and CEO of DSDN. Siegal's new cookies are all-natural with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or preservatives. Siegal's cookies is due to his proprietary amino acid mixture that results from the blending of various protein food substances.
Sanford Siegal knows that the best way to lose weight is not by starving but by eating—often!

Siegal’s famous cookies contain his secret mixture of proteins that he personally mixes in his private bakery near his Miami medical clinic.
Sanford Siegal, his diet, and his success stories profiled in hundreds of media outlets including Good Morning America, Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, The New York Times, and the cover of People magazine.
They satisfy your hunger so that you can follow a reduced-calorie diet and reach your goal. Sanford Siegal's all-new Plan 10Xв„ў formula cookies have arrived at more than 700 GNC stores from coast-to-coast. Siegal has personally mixed every batch of his secret protein formula with his own hands in his private bakery near his Miami medical clinic.
His new cookies have 33% fewer calories per cookie so that you can eat them more frequently throughout the day.

You eat nine specially-formulated cookies (just 60 calories each) throughout the day to keep hunger away, plus a substantial 500 to 700 calorie meal. Siegal and his wife, who often joins him in his bakery for the painstaking formula-mixing sessions. Siegal’s COOKIE DIET is the real one, the only “cookie diet” that has been profiled by dozens of media outlets including Today Tonight, People magazine, The Wall Street Journal, ABC’s Good Morning America, The New York Times, Forbes, Toronto Globe and Mail, The FOX Morning Show, CNN, NBC's Today Show, and The Washington Post.

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