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Also, I believe that most vegan food (supplemented by vitamin B12) is healthier than a standard Western diet.That said, I was shocked when listening to a new interview with low-fat vegan advocate Dr John McDougall. After all, the refined carbs, processed food and enormous amounts of sugar are lost.Jimmy Moore repeatedly tries to discuss this, but McDougall does.
I'm all for people doing as they please: if being vegan works for you, by all means, be vegan.
Please eat some coconut oil and go run a marathon or even a half marathon, then do a mcdougall style dinner based on rice corn or potatoes WITHOUT OIL BUTTER CHEESE LARD BACON AND EGGS OR FISH and then repeat the running trial and let us know your results. This opened up a huge disparity between those who could afford food and those who loved on bread and water and worked 18hour shifts in a dirty factory.

Can't really fault mcdougall a efforts in that he actually practices successfully as a Dr and uses diet instead of the drugs that almost every other doctor I've come across seems to push (big pharma, story for another day) 3. My body is very sturdy for a 6ft3 ectomorph who for work reasons needs to be strong and lean.
Lustig is also overweight, but that does not diminish his opinion about excessive fructose in modern diet. Within 3 months, on a 100% plant-based diet, I was off 7 of the 8 prescriptions, was no longer diabetic, and no longer obese (dropped 30 pounds), no arthritis, no acid reflux, no depression, normal cholesterol, and so much more healthy.
Your experience only proves that the diet you switched to is better than the crap you had followed before that.

Tim Noakes, our guy in South Africa who TOLD us about the diet keeps saying that it's not for everyone and that those who don't want to do it should never do it.
I believe other approaches could have worked as well and on top of that might be easier to follow.
In general, they avoid industrialized foods, sugar and eats fruits and vegetables in the natural form (not cooked or processed in any way)I'm an adept of ketogenic diet, I don't eat sugar nor industrialized foods an eats vegetables everyday and fruits occasionally.

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