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Having authored more than 100 books, Clarke’s themed mostly revolved around explorations in the near and distant future. Arthur Clarke tied the marital knot in 1953 but ended up divorced a few years later in 1964. This volume covers five centuries of Florida writers from Cabeza de Vaca in the 1500s to James Patterson in 2014. Each selection is accompanied by an essay by Clark explaining the writer's place in Florida literature.

Clarke studied at the prestigious King’s College in London and before turning into a science fiction writer, Clarke worked in scientific research. In 1956, Clarke had moved to Sri Lanka because he was attracted to the marine diving in the country. The Sri Lankan President, Mahinda Rajapakse paid his tribute and respects to Clarke by referring to him as a great visionary. Clark as he chronicles the history of the Sunshine State in this concise and captivating history.

However, due to the poor status of his health, Clarke was unable to travel to London receive the honor personally. Also according to his will, Clarke was buried in the family plot of Hector Ekanayake, his business partner in Sri Lanka.

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