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This episode is centered around an ongoing fantasy where Doug is some kind of fairy tale knight. With claws, and teeth, and presumably fire breath, the liver dragon chooses to duel with a fork.
He does the typical hypnosis shit you see on tv and tells Doug that when he looks at his plate, he will see honkerdogs and fries instead of liver and onions.
After the first bite, Doug drifts off into the fantasy where the king congratulates him and brings Patti out. The fantasy ends to reveal Doug has eaten the whole meal, and the entire restaurant is clapping and cheering and throwing their hats in celebration of some stupid 11 year old’s mundane accomplishment.
Anyway, later at home, as Doug is writing in his journal, Porkchop experiments with hypnosis. Pretending Patti wasn’t joking, there are only two outcomes of this dinner date for Doug. Doug was formative because we can all relate to feeling like the loser underdog like Doug often was, but he almost always managed to find a way to redeem his embarrassing, stressful situations one way or another. Anyway, if you’re like me and have a lot of love forВ Doug, check out these 12 memorable moments from the show!
Apparently you just put a few drops on your tongue and you won’t be able to taste a thing. Patti of Mayonnaise from Doug’s medieval fairy tale fantasy just reached into the real world where Doug is at a French restaurant that requires you to wear cowboy hats to remove his hat and offer him some words of encouragement.

Just because you wear a leather jacket and black boots in 6th grade doesn't mean that you have to make Doug's life a living hell. The clothes were just a little upgraded and the plot lines got weirder, but it was still watchable.
Then he immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion and won’t relent on it throughout the episode. Then Patti reveals she was just joking about that because she knows how much Doug hates liver and onions. He never would’ve impressed her into a relationship by eating liver and fucking onions. But Doug's James Bond and Indiana Jones fantasy persona also made some pretty regular appearances on the show.
I mean, this dude went all the way to Doug's house during the weekend just to tell him that he can't dance. Then he rolls up to Patti's house, all ready to grub on some liver and onions and they're really just eating hot dogs and french fries. There was a great episode in which Doug and Skeeter miss this big Beets concert and are super bummed about it and are eating away their sorrows at The Honker Burger.
So Doug gets this idea that he’ll eat a bunch of liver and onions before Sunday so he can maybe get used to it. He takes the Taste B Gone Tongue Protector, puts it in his bathroom and says it’s time for some sisterly advice.

After this, there is a quick shot of the fantasy still playing out, but the dragon is gone and is back to just being a plate of liver and onions. Well, at some point their project goes haywire and, somehow, the pizza they were making combined with a banana mixture. And then he fails to tell her how he really feels, even if it’s just regarding liver and onions. He tells his mom to make him some tonight, and I guess he invites Skeeter to eat the food she already cooked for him. They have good reason to suspect you’re not going to eat that shit and they have to pay for it. For some reason I and a lot of other kids always assumed that Skeeter would be black in real life, and the creator Jim Jinkins pretty much confirmed that to be true.
The result was actually surprisingly good and I swear that I've wanted to try that combination ever since. I think his only endearing moment was when he had a crush on Doug's sister, because he turned into a total sap.

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