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For a delicious and seasonal doggie birthday treat, Yoo Eatz baked up some wheat-free pumpkin dog biscuits for her lucky pooch.
Disclaimer: Before we go any further, please take note that these are dog biscuits, not people biscuits. For more human and doggie eats, follow Yoo Eatz OnSugar and share your own creations by starting an OnSugar blog!

No harm will befall you if ingested, but I guarantee that your dog will enjoy them more that you will.
And since we will be partaking of our own pumpkin-flavored treats, I thought it only fitting that the dog have her own. So I tracked down this wonderful recipe (and cute post) at Simmer Till Done for wheat-free pumpkin dog biscuits that are easy to make and also easy on an aging canine's tummy.

Flip over the biscuits, and bake for another 10-15 minutes until baked through and turning golden brown.

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