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Think Thin Protein Bar Variety Pack of 20 -- This fabulous 20 bar variety pack includes all ten of our thinkThinВ® Protein bars. Ross chocolates are the best sugar free Belgian chocolate bars (1.2 oz size) on the market.
If you are dairy wary, the Ross dark, dark almond and dark orange flavored bars are dairy free-->dairy free and gluten free.
Since Ross chocolates are sugar free, these low carb chocolate bars are great for kids and are tooth friendly.
Low carb in America has turned into special low carb pasta, low carb ice cream, low carb bread and low carb chocolate bars.

There is nothing low carb about this junk food:Real healthy low carb food is meat, fish, vegetables and butter, ideally from your local farmer.
I use Ketosticks to monitor the effectiveness of my efforts, (I'm the instant gratification type unfortunately) and after many sessions, I've learned that I must keep my daily carb intake below 30 grams to stay in ketosis. I made sure to check multiple times a day after eating the pasta, which I paired with a low carb marinara or Alfredo sauce, and not once did I come out of ketosis. After 12 years of trying every diet, changing my eating habits, by consuming a whole food diet, primarily of veg and fish, and staying organic as much as possible changed my life.And, if you want the occasional pasta, have it. GD this time I eat a balanced amount of carbs all day long and do not see the blood sugar spikes.

It is like eating a handful of popcorn or a small baked potato---there is just no such limiting for me, especially staring at the 35 carbs daily.

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