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The Debt Diet itself consists of the following eight steps, along with some specific advice per step. As part of new employee orientation at GreenPath Debt Solutions, we watched the entire Oprah Debt Diet special. What personally identifiable information is collected from you through the DIY HCG web site, how it is used and with whom it may be shared. Unless you ask us not to, we may contact you via email in the future to tell you about DIY HCG specials, new HCG related products and services, or changes to the DIY HCG privacy policy. A couple of months ago bioanalytics company Inside Tracker tweeted a nice one-time discount on their services, so I jumped at this opportunity and purchased their DIY plan. Interestingly, these are the same biomarkers, related to energy and metabolism, that are also covered in Inside Tracker’s “Trial” plan, which costs $99.

Creating one such plan every month will help you account for both your regular, planned expenses, as well as your unexpected expenses.
The cheapest of all (after discount, I paid $34.30 instead of regular $49), DIY plan allows you to upload your blood test results to receive personalized nutrition, lifestyle and exercise recommendations. So if you have insurance, it may be much cheaper to purchase DIY test and then get regular blood analysis, instead of using their “Trial” plan. My doctor suggested revising my diet, but was not specific enough (beyond common “eat less eggs” advice). A whole foods diet consisting mostly of fruits, grains and vegetables is a more sensible way to go, which is what InsideTracker is trying to to tell you. It is when the HCG is combined with the very restricted diet reference to on these pages that some participants do report weight loss.

Indeed, my diet for the past couple of months consisted of beef chili, roasted chicken thighs and quarters, and grilled shrimp. The “eat more” section suggested including more fish, bran cereal and oatmeal, legumes and nuts in my diet. I will be publishing soon more info (and data) on my diet and fitness regimen in the past 4 weeks (this is the last week of experiment).

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