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Hold your t-shirt by the shoulders and carefully lower it into the dye until the color goes up as high as you’d like (we aimed for the bottom of the armpits). To dye the middle medium shade of the ombrГ© gradient, dip your shirt back in and make sure to keep the top third of the already colored section out of the dye. Before dying the darkest part of the gradient, add a few more tablespoons of dye to the sink to make the color darker. Mine turned out the same (a pair of thrifted white linen pants and a white cotton shirt) … I washed it in warm water and it bled into the white.
If you use red dye on a yellow tee the lighter part of the gradient will probably look orange, although I bet the darkest red at the bottom will still look red. If you don’t have access to a dryer, iron the shirt on the highest setting the garment can take. When I dye, I do it over the stove in my turkey roaster pan, with a low heat, keeping the water at a simmer.

I dipped the entire thing in the dye for like a second, so it’s all very light blue (I used French Blue from Tintex) and then i did the gradient thing.
I’m hoping to try this out but make a design on the bottom or on the shoulders to create more effect in the shirt.
Lately I’ve been seeing (and loving) this look on curtains, but dying a shirt seems a lot less daunting.
You don’t want a lot of dye to soak into the fabric on this dip, because this will create the lightest band of color at the top of the gradient. Slightly swish the shirt back and forth while in the dye to make sure you end up with a smooth gradient instead of a sharp line where the darker shade begins. I found the best solution is to hang the shirt from a skirt hanger , do the first brief dip (like you described) and then mist the top of the shirt with a spray bottle filled with water. They turned out great except after washing them in hot water the color bled to the top portion of the shirt.

I’m hoping to try this out but make a design on the bottom or on the shoulders to create more effect in the shirt. We also stirred in about 2 tablespoons of salt, since the Dylon dye instructions call for salt.
You can pull it out to check how dark the dye is, and leave it in longer if the color isn’t dark enough for you.
We held the bottom of the shirt in the dye for about a minute or so, but you can keep checking it and remove the t-shirt when the color is as dark as you want.

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