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Please any picky eater by letting her choose exactly what she wants to put into these quick quesadillas. This chicken recipe is a favorite from a small upstate NY town —В but your kids can enjoy it from anywhere with this easy BBQ recipe! As if super cheesy mac wasn’t enough to please your picky eater, we throw some crunchy bacon on top for good measure. This recipe is packed with mushrooms, zucchini, spinach, and red peppers —В and the freezable leftovers mean that tomorrow night’s dinner will be just as healthy (and easy!). Imagine how thrilled your kids will be when the favorite food of iCarly and company presents itself on your dinner table!

You can give your kids a fun, yet healthy dinner with these potassium-rich potatoes loaded up with veggies and cheese. Promise the kids you’ll let them play with the clamshells during dinner and you have yourself a quick meal that everyone will enjoy.
Even the pickiest kids won’t be able to resist the sweet-salty crunch of these healthy potato chips. Sometimes a little dishonesty is a good thing … your kids will never know they’re gobbling up valuable veggies and protein with this easy weekend lunch idea. Kids will love dipping bread into this hearty recipe that’s sure to become a wintertime staple.

It ends up crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and eaten clean off everyone’s plates! Luckily this protein-filled trail mix recipe is portable, filling, and tasty — guaranteed to keep their energy levels up. Sweeten the deal for your kids with this chicken salad recipe loaded with fresh roasted chicken and dried cherries.

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