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From a quick hummus to a moreish baba ganoush, turn to Turkish, Lebanese and Greek influences for our easy mezze recipes. Our favourite recipes for simple and sophisticated starters that are quick and easy to prepare.
Small plates of food are so fashionable, but we've got easy tapas recipes so you're not in the kitchen all night. Indian dinner parties are trendy party idea full of exotic flavors full of a spicy kick to impress guests. If you’re looking to get out of your usual routine when hosting a dinner party at home, an Indian theme is a unique theme that has plenty of amazing recipes you can have on your dinner table. Your kids may not be excited to go back to school, but at least they will look forward to lunchtime with these fun ideas. See how Dawn Sandomeno and Elizabeth Mascali elevate the every day with their fantastic recipes and ideas!
PrintChicken Piccata (or Veal Piccata) is one of those staple dinner recipes that I like to make for a dinner party. Turn up the heat and pour the white wine in the pan and boil down for a minute so the alcohol cooks off.
If you are making this for just 3-4 people, you could both brown the chicken and then cook it in the same pan to avoid using the oven.
I just made this for my first dinner party at my new home for my best girlfriends…wanted a great, easy recipe I could make ahead and pop in the oven so I could visit with them, instead of slave away in the kitchen and sacrifice girlfriend time. I am a fairly young person, I am 16 and I have been going off of your recipes for quite a while now! This was a HUGE hit with everyone for my brother’s rehearsal dinner, I got so many compliments, and people even said it was better than the wedding catering a couple of days later! Looked so good that I am making this for a dinner party tonight for 10 people, but I am not sure how to adjust the recipe you have given. Hi, This will feed about 6 people but to be safe double the recipe and if you have leftovers they can be enjoyed over the weekend. I have been a stay at home mom most of my life, working from home at times too but mostly caring for my family all day. When I’m having a dinner party I make the chicken ahead of time and double or triple the sauce recipe, earlier in that day or the day before. I am a bit of a novice cook and somehow ive got roped into doing a dinner party next weekend and I want to make a few different italian dishes, am I quite mad!!! 12 best winter potluck party recipes Channel your inner control freak and assign your guests the dishes you would like them to bring.

Using cardamom, allspice, and turmeric, our recipe is for this popular coastal Indian dish that’ll start off your Indian dinner party right. Give your dinner party guests a little surprise when they bite into these amazing Indian spiced meatballs featured on One Hungry Mama. Because of it’s universally loved appeal, it is a must-have at your Indian dinner party.
Our peach Serrano pepper chutney offers a nice blend of sweet and spicy that you can add to your dinner table.
This recipe here makes it easy to recreate this simple yet rich treat to include in your Indian dinner party.
At an Indian dinner party, make a pot of this delicious chai recipe to wind down the evening with your party guests. When the oil is nice and hot, brown a few cutlets at a time for 3-5 minutes on each side until golden.
Then add the lemon juice, chicken stock, bouillon, butter and then, the capers.В  Allow the sauce to cook for a minute or two.
In that case, you would brown the chicken, then cover the pan and simmer on low for about 15 minutes instead of using the oven.
I cook for the family 4 times out of the week (including desserts too .) when ever I use one of your recipes, it is always a hit! Thanks for the great feedback and do pass on my website to your family and friends and try some of my other recipes. Thanks for the sweet feedback and do be sure to try some of my other recipes like you said.
We all have those times in our lives when we may not be feeling our best but I just wanted to let you know that your recipes and videos sure helped bring my spirits up. If you have so this recipe will feed 6-8 people depending on if they are big eaters or not.
We recommend upgrading your browser, checking your Compatibility Settings or switching to another browser for an optimal experience. While there is a lot to love about a potluck (the main thing being you must only prepare one dish but get access to many), but let’s be honest, the hodgepodge of a free-form potluck is ripe for sending guests home with indigestion.
These Indian recipes are full of those yummy flavors people have immediately fall in  love with.
This recipe upgrades your traditional meatball recipe for a spicy dish that can be served as an appetizer.
Try out this delicious recipe from Can’t Live Without for a tasty way to serve this traditional dish.

Make this recipe for chai and combine it with the halwa dessert recipe for a delicious combination to end the night with.
Pour the sauce over the chicken, place the lemon slices on top, cover with foil and place in a 350-degree oven for about 20 minutes. I prepared everything in the morning, at the time of the party all I did was pour the sauce on and pop it in the oven. I put so much love and time into my recipes in hopes that it will make it easy to follow and inspire people to try them. It takes me a lot of time and love to put my recipes up on the site so when people make them and enjoy them I feel like it’s worth it.
Once I’m ready to cook it for that evening, I take it out of the refrigerator about 30 minutes before I plan on baking it so it won’t be ice cold when I put it in the oven.
I like to use one whole breast for every 2 people, because I filet them in half and then into smaller pieces it is usually a good portion size. So this year, channel your inner control freak and assign your guests the recipes or ideas you would like them to bring such as the ones we’ve provided below. Follow our Indian dinner party menu suggestions and plan a fun evening with your loved ones. Making a dinner like Chicken Piccata is actually so much easier than you think and I hope this recipe becomes one that is most useful to you, especially if you’re looking for the perfect entree for a small (or even large) dinner party.
Cooking is an art and a passion of mine that I want to share with everyone for the exact reason you mentioned.
Add the rest of the sauce to the pasta along with some grated parm cheese and a sprinkle of basil or fresh parsley and you are ready to go. I try to be exact with my measurements but cooks need to season to taste and allow for some minor adjustments when cooking.
I always make extra for the big eaters too so for 30 people I would use about 18 whole breasts fileted and about 3-4 pounds of pasta.
Then pick up a few crusty baguettes and a few bottles of wine (assuming guests will also BYOB) and set the scene for a cozy winter soiree. If for some reason you don’t have enough sauce, you can add some extra butter or olive oil to the pasta. Thanks again for the kind words because some days I wonder why the heck I take so much time doing this website and then I get a message like yours.

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