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A collection of main dish favorites, sides and desserts for Sunday dinner from Deep South Dish. Sunday dinners in the South are a big deal - or at least there was a time when they sure used to be. Some of you call it Sunday supper, some dinner, but whichever you call it, it was considered the main meal of the day on Sunday, most often served earlier than the usual weeknight dinner, usually somewhere between 1 and 3 in the afternoon. Even in the south though, I'm afraid that Sunday dinner has taken a back seat to the busyness of life, but I sure wish it would experience a revival.

So put all that technology away for an hour or so, strictly ban it from the table, and gather everybody together for Sunday dinner again. These are just a few of my favorite possibilities for Sunday Dinner Main Dishes, plus two of my favorite homemade rolls. Dinner was on the table at a certain time, and everybody, without exception was expected to be there.
Generally they are meals that take a little more time to put together, to cook, or maybe require an ingredient or two that keep them from being a regular on the weeknight dinner table.

Recipes are offered for your own personal use only and while pinning and sharing links is welcomed and encouraged, please do not copy and paste to repost or republish elsewhere such as other Facebook pages, blogs, websites, or forums without explicit prior permission. Other than the work that I do for the site, I can ignore my phone & the computer completely with no problem.

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