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As I mentioned above, raw food can be strikingly beautiful, as the vibrant colors and textures of the foods are showcased instead of squandered. I eat a significant amount of raw foods and agree that it does wonders for your skin and digestive system!
I’m happy you pointed out that some foods need to be cooked to release the mineral and vitamin contents in them. My biggest problem with the raw food diet is the restriction and food obsession that can result from it. Going 100% raw is not for me, but I do believe adding more raw foods into our meals is a great idea! My sister was high raw, vegan for awhile- and it seemed as though she spent most of the day preparing her food. I like a mix of cooked and uncooked- typically my breakfast is raw, as I have a smoothy, and then parts of my lunch and dinner will be cooked and parts uncooked. I try to incorporate a lot of juices, smoothies, and salads to my diet – and I agree that it does wonders for your skin and digestion!
I ate almost 100% raw foods for about two years and felt amazing; super vibrant and healthy, and I was so excited to invent new dishes. I went Raw for quite some time and it was difficult, always felt sugar highs from the high fruit consumption and my hair fell out (FUN TIMES) either way I still incorporate juices, raw vegetables and at least 40% of my diet is all raw vegan. Plus, I was once told by a nutritionist that eating raw foods because you think they have optimal nutrients is like going on a great vacation with no means of getting there. The basis of the raw food diet is that the nutritional value of food decreases when foods are heated past 105 degrees (some will go as high as 118 degrees). When I was following an almost entirely raw diet, my skin looked the best it’s ever looked. Unprocessed foods are much easier for the body to digest, so it can take what it needs and get rid of the rest with considerably less difficulty. Raw foods are alkalizing and by consuming them in an unprocessed state, many of them are highly bioavailable, meaning the nutrients are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

I would not advise going totally raw (ever), but if you want to add more raw foods into your diet, that could be a good thing. A lot of people don’t know the theory that our ancestors cooking food with fire is what catalyzed our evolution because our brains got bigger! I think even the little things can help, it’s just a process to work on figuring out what makes the most sense for your diet needs and lifestyle. I know you say not to think about the foods you CAN’T have and focus on what you CAN. When we would eat together the food she prepared was amazing, but it would have taken her half the day to prepare. When it’s winter outside, I would never be able to eat only raw food- I need hot soup to keep me warm! I love so many raw foods but when I tried going mostly raw, I found that I wasn’t getting in nearly enough calories for my lifestyle. I definitely try to include a lot of raw foods in my diet including at least 1 green smoothie a day, and a salad at lunch and or dinner.
Although raw foods are easier to digest then processed foods, lightly cooked foods are easier to digest than raw foods. Raw foods have the most nutrients, but cooking is the first stage of digestion, so when raw our body cannot readily get to those nutrients.
By consuming food in an uncooked state, they are getting a higher density of nutrients, while utilizing only plant-based, whole foods.
I felt energized and really enjoyed experimenting with all the new-to-me foods, like sea veggies and Thai coconuts. The basics of raw food (green juice, robust salads, pureed smoothies and soups) can easily be implemented into a busy lifestyle. Many raw foodists follow a mostly raw diet, eating either raw until dinner, or adding in some cooked grains or steamed vegetables.
There are some raw food diehards out there, but I don’t personally align with their beliefs.

I’m sensitive all over and I notice raw food is hard on me, but I know its benefits are really great. Maybe that makes me a little bit biased, but I wouldn’t recommend a raw diet for anyone.
I like the idea of incorporating more raw foods into my diet and I try to rarely use the microwave anymore at all (just stovetop and oven).
Though I love to incorporate raw foods into my diet, I am a smoothie monster and I love raw veggies to snack on. I think the easiest way for anyone to incorporate more raw food into their diet is salads or really simpel snack plates with a bunch of veggies on it! I agree with you, going completely raw is tricky nutrition wise, but I do strive to get a ton of raw foods in my diet. Thank you for sharing your story, I want to learn how to make raw foods so bad but have yet to find the time to go take a class! Upon hearing this description, you may visualize simple raw foods such as pureed raw veggie soups, chopped salads and smoothies, but a variety of cooking methods are used, including fermentation, dehydration, sous vide and sprouting.
I lost 6kgs in my time at 105 but so many others didn’t due to the high fat content and all the food that abounded.
I think that including plenty of raw foods in your daily diet is great, but taking it to the extremes is definitely not. Now I just incorporate all the raw foods I like without worrying about exactly how much of my diet is raw. Your body needs to rest when you sleep- the more food you consume, the more work it has to do to digest it.

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