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Olympic athletes will eat from as little as 1500 calories to as many as 6000 calories a day.
While most athletes understandВ the importance of a balanced diet,В some athletesВ are still able to perform at a high level while consuming junk food. In the early part of his NBA career, superstar Derrick Rose’s incredible performances were fueled with a steady diet of candy, particularly Skittles. In the poll, Whitman athletes showed their belief in a home-cooked meal with almost 70 percent believing they eat better at home than on the road. While Thompson has found a way to become a successful athlete without consistently consuming healthy food, other Whitman athletes swear by a strict eating regimen. An overwhelming 96 percent of Whitman athletes agree with the commonly held belief that proper diet can increase athletic performance.
Golf, for example, is known more for the mental challenges that it poses to players rather than its physical requirements. Junior women’s golfer Catelyn Webber explained that she maintains a balanced diet throughout the year, regardless of whether she is in season or out of season.
Whitman hosts a wide range of athletes who pour themselves into their sports, but physical exercise is only part of the game.
While doing some continuing education for my RD license, I found this graphic and I loved it. I'm Jess- a Philly based Registered Dietitian who loves to share healthy recipes, evidence based nutrition information, fun workouts, and race recaps! When one assesses some of the leading trends in diets recommended, we find that the majority falls into several main categories. Simply based off the disadvantages we see from this diet, we can understand why both an endurance athlete and a strength athlete would not benefit from this type of diet. Typically, the word fat is automatically associated with something you do not want in your diet; however, in reality, there are bad and good fats that your body thrives off of in order to function at its prime efficiency. Upon understanding the variety of diets out there, many of these diets rarely show long-term advantages. With the help of expert nutritionists, explore our graphic of swimmers, triathletes, canoe slalom paddlers, boxers, and sailors and compare with the average Briton’s diet. After getting a stomach ulcer from eating too much sugar, Rose has since hired a personal chef and is now making serious efforts to improve his diet.
TheВ Pioneer polled 114 athletes at Whitman to find out where the majority of them lie on the spectrum of conventional, healthy eating and the unusual success of athletes who survive on an unhealthy diet.

Senior basketball player LuQuam Thompson disagrees with the majority of Whitman athletes because of the stricter eating guidelines that are forced upon him on the road.
For lunch, he eats vegetables and either a turkey or chicken sandwich, and rounds out the day with a dinner that is more of a complete meal that includes vegetables, fruit and some form of meat. Properly fueling their bodies is something athletes are certainly aware of, though many take different approaches.
This diet will have a similar effect on the body of an individual that is either into endurance sports or weight lifting type of activities.
A common detox diet would be the Master Cleanse diet, otherwise known as the lemonade diet. While some are able to maintain a healthy diet; after conclusion of one of the aforementioned diets, many simply slip back into old routines thus negating any benefits they received from the diets performed.
While many Americans have only the best intentions, many are sucked in by scam or fad diets that promise great results in a short amount of time or with very little work involved.
Higher fat diets are higher in saturated fats and cholesterol than current dietary guidelines and their long-term use would increase serum cholesterol levels and risk for CHD.2В The best example of this is the well-known Atkins diet. While some have seen great results from this diet, many do not understand the many risks associated with it. The Master Cleanse is said to be the miracle diet because of the endless benefits it has on the body.5В These diets consist mainly of consuming a particular (usually) liquid over a period of time with the purpose of ridding the body of toxins that it has consumed from foods and the environment.
Ideally, it is most beneficial for someone to assess their goals and maintain a healthy diet incorporating a healthy amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.
It is not just your average American that is sometimes drawn in by a ‘popular’ diet; athletes, without proper knowledge, may also fall victim to a diet that promises the world, but offers little, if any, benefits.
These diets take into consideration the fact that without the presence of glucose provided by the consumption of carbohydrates, the body will automatically resort to burning its fat storage as its main source of fuel. This lack of speed in ATP production will cause an endurance athlete with a low carbohydrate intake to not be able to last an extended period of time during performance.
A high protein diet uses the school of thought that one will ‘feel’ fuller quicker on a high protein diet. Additionally, the risk of lean-tissue loss poses a problem for both types of athletes in that lean-tissue is a necessary requirement for their respective activities. Although this is partially true because they contain fewer calories, it is not always the case because skim milk, for example, has much more sugar than whole milk. While this diet poses many benefits, it can cause multiple bowl movements a day as well as possibly flushing the body of good bacteria that is a necessity for digestion and protection.

By simply decreasing or increasing one’s caloric intake and physical activity, one will create an ideal diet that they would benefit from greatly. The main reason these diets do produce results, is the fact that one will quickly see fat burned off the body since there are few carbohydrates being consumed. Additionally, it would cause a strength athlete to not be able to hit the same number of repetitions needed in any specific activity since their would be a lack of ATP produced from glucose.
Some of the early high protein diet plans used protein loaded liquids as what could be considered a ‘stomach filler’, these drinks often included animal parts that are protein rich, but rarely eaten.
A diet of this sort, while focused on unprocessed foods and fresh fruits and vegetables is a diet that can be maintained long term with few disadvantages and many advantages.
Athletes also have increased protein needs for muscle repair and recovery, as well as increased fluids to prevent dehydration. Unfortunately as soon as an individual quits this diet, the body is then reintroduced to mass amounts of carbohydrates on a regular basis, thus nearly shutting down the body’s use of fats.
Among the four diets assessed, we believe that a client would see the most benefit from a diet of this sort. While the average American will see short term effects from this diet, if they do not continue managing their intake, they will quickly gain this mass back.
Therefore, while staying in an appropriate calorie limit, it is advised to stay away from fat free alternatives because they most likely will contain more sugar in order to mask the taste, compared to the original form. If one persisted that they believed a diet would be beneficial to their performance, we have found that a detox diet would pose the most benefits with the fewest disadvantages. A low fat diet is harmful for any highly active individual performing exercise throughout the week because fat is the main source of fuel that our body utilizes during aerobic conditioning. While we would want to ensure that this is not a long-term diet, every individual can benefit from ridding the body of harmful toxin buildup. Many experts agree that a healthy mix of essential nutrients is ideal in creating a healthy diet.
A low fat diet would not be beneficial to an endurance or strength athlete because these activities require an athlete to derive 50% or more of their energy from lipid stores.

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