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Registered Dietitians work with people who have special dietary needs, inform the general public about nutrition, give unbiased advice, evaluate and improve treatments and educate clients, doctors, nurses, health professionals and community groups. Registered Dietitians can work in a variety of areas; many are within hospitals or in the community as Clinical Dietitians, and Health Educators. Dietitians have special skills in translating scientific and medical decisions related to food and health to inform the general public. In addition to your primary care doctor, an important factor of your health care needs will be a registered dietitian. Dietitians tend to work regular business hours during the week, but can work weekends occasionally.
Dietitians, differing from nutritionists, are, however, affected by many of the same factors regarding salary.
Dietitians are relatively newly in demand in the medical field, and as such, they have a wide swath of possible salaries; some establishing factors can be pointed to, but these themselves have great variability. Experience is the main factor affecting dietitian salary (though not necessarily the one leading to the highest salary). A dietitian in an organizational setting can also see salary advances by pursuing a higher position.
Dietitians who opt to work with the Federal Executive Branch can expect to make, on average, just over $69,000, while those working with insurance carriers can expect $64,700.

The primary geographic locations for dietitian salary are in California, with the exception of Bethesda-Rockville-Frederick in Maryland; this area has an average salary of $98,500. Dietitians and nutritionists teach people control their eating habits by helping them plan and implement nutrition programs and overseeing meal servings. There are several kinds of dietitians, each fulfilling a unique role in society and providing healthy eating advice in a different venue. Management dietitians coordinate large-scale meal planning for corporate cafeterias, schools, healthcare facilities, and other large operations. Clinical dietitians work with patients within healthcare institutions on a one-on-one basis. Community dietitians help individuals, families, and large groups by providing general nutritional practices and eating habits in order to promote healthy living and minimize the risk of disease.
Consultant dietitians perform a wide range of services for their clients depending on their wants or needs, providing nutritional advice and dietary plans focused on weight loss, cholesterol reduction, anti-oxidant levels, or other patient concerns. To become a dietitian, you will need a bachelor’s degree in dietetics, food science and nutrition, food service systems management, or a related field to get started. From those core subjects, dietitian students can branch into a variety of nutrition subjects depending on their interests. It is required to become a registered dietitian, but further education (for example, a master’s degree), leads employers to look more favorably upon the employee, and leads to a greater salary for the higher skill set.

While entry-level dietitians can expect to earn around $40,000, a dietitian with over ten years’ experience can expect to earn more than $70,000. Dietitian degree programs give students the knowledge they need to help people eat healthier. As public awareness and interest in nutrition has grown, many industries have begun to seek the expertise of those with dietitian and food science degrees, ranging from manufacturing to advertising and marketing to food packaging and beyond.
They can use the title Registered Dietitian (RD), or in some states Licensed Dietitian (LD). They implement diet modifications to promote a healthier lifestyle or achieve a specific health-related goal.В For more on job description, please visit our dietitian job description page. Some dietitians take an additional exam for the credential of Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE).
As these trends will inevitably continue, the number of dietitians and nutritionists should increase sharply over the upcoming years.В According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dietitians andВ nutritionistsВ should expect a 21% job growth by 2022.

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