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The risks of a potential new diet pill and a 13-year-old weight-loss medicine face US scrutiny next week as medical experts consider if the drugs' benefits outweigh possible side effects. On Thursday, Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc goes before an advisory panel that will consider if the pill, lorcaserin or Lorqess, should win approval.
The advice on both pills will weigh heavily on the Food and Drug Administration, the agency that will make the final call. Drugmakers have failed for decades to produce a pill to help people shed a significant number of pounds without serious side effects.
While earlier obesity pills failed to generate blockbuster sales, a new generation of drugs under FDA review this year could boost manufacturers looking to tap even a small slice of the nation's obese population.
The FDA's preliminary views on Lorqess are expected to become public on Tuesday when the agency is scheduled to release documents prepared for the panel meeting.
Two other companies, Vivus Inc and Orexigen Therapeutics Inc, are seeking to sell new diet drugs that combine medicines already approved for appetite suppression, seizures, addiction or other uses. Consensus forecast data from Thomson Reuters shows analysts expect Arena's drug to take in $62.8 million in 2011 sales and reach peak annual sales of $822 million.
In January, Abbott halted European sales of the pill after regulators said heart risks made the medicine too dangerous.

Although never a huge seller - it took in $340 million worldwide in 2008 - analysts expect the drug to see $101 million in global sales this year and $90 million in 2014, according to a consensus forecast by Thomson Reuters.
Consumer advocates and other critics have called for Meridia's withdrawal for years, saying the slight weight loss patients experience is not worth the risk. Little wonder that less than two weeks later, her mother, Fiona (pictured) is still palpably numb with grief — a grief exacerbated by the senseless manner of her daughter’s deathAnd the terrifying truth is that hundreds of thousands of young women like her are risking their lives by buying diet pills (most of which do not work) online.In the past ten years, DNP alone has claimed at least five lives in Britain and 60 worldwide. Eloise's siblings were James, 28, Robert, 15, Becky, 17 and 13-year old KyleElla was the second of Fiona’s five children, aged between 13 and 28 — her siblings were James, 28, Robert, 15, Becky, 17 and 13-year old Kyle. Not long after seeing her mum for the last time, Eloise was dead, lying amid a tangle of intensive care tubes, a legacy of the desperate but futile battle by doctors to save her lifeThe manner of Ella’s death, meanwhile, could not have been more upsetting. Produced as a pesticide: Yellow DNP powder Often marketed to bodybuilders, it has latterly been touted on some internet forums as the world’s ‘best’ diet pill. This makes Fiona Parry all the more desperate to raise awareness about her daughter’s plight.‘We can’t get rid of the internet and nor would I want to, and I can’t undo what has happened to our family, but I can make people aware of the terrible dangers of buying diet pills online,’ she says.
This was enough for doctors to know it contained an industrial chemical.First used in the manufacture of munitions in France during World War I, by the Thirties it was being marketed as a weight-loss drug, until more and more side-effects were reported, including cataracts, skin lesions and raised body temperatures. They’re just making money.’It’s a sentiment echoed by Geoffrey Houston, a stockbroker-turned-lay minister from Chesham, Buckinghamshire, who in September 2012 lost his 23-year-old medical student daughter Sarah after she took DNP — something that a coroner later ruled was ‘entirely’ responsible for her death.

It is a deadly toxin Ella's mother, Fiona Parry  A spokesman said: 'We advise the public not to take any tablets or powders containing DNP, as it is an industrial chemical and not fit for human consumption. Enter ‘DNP diet pills’ into any internet search engine and it’s not difficult to find retailers offering it, with 100 capsules costing around £70. There is something about a package arriving through the post which legitimises it somehow,’ she says.‘But it is the equivalent of buying a packet of pills from a stranger in a foreign back street. Most of us wouldn’t dream of doing that — yet that is what we are doing online.’A spokesman for the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, meanwhile, made their position abundantly clear. At junior school, she was bullied for having ginger hair, coming home one day in tears because one bully had cut out a chunk of it.‘She dyed it as soon as she was old enough,’ says Fiona. At 5ft 10in and a steady size 10, she certainly didn’t need them.All she does know is that something her daughter had taken in the belief she’d quickly burn fat was in fact a deadly toxin that had been infecting her system for weeks.

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