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With such an extremely tight budget, you really begin to realize that junk food really is junk.
These are great tips, but sadly many people who live below the poverty line weren’t taught how to budget or in many cases even how to cook much and rely on prepackaged food or whatever comes in the food bank hampers which rarely includes fresh veggies. I would say that there are probably a lot of people in North America and other First World countries who aren’t taught how to budget or how to cook – whether they live in poverty or not – unless they were fortunate enough to have someone like their parents who took the time to teach them, or if they happened to take a home ec class.
Now, in terms of a very strict budget, it would probably take some calculating to figure out if you can stock up a freezer enough to make it worth your while – I imagine the electricity costs are about the same whether or not it’s full.

And, when you have a tight budget and you're dedicated to eating healthy, it's even trickier.
With such a tight budget, I know my slow cooker will be used for making broth, and it’s also good for cooking cheaper (and tougher) cuts of meat at low temperatures for a long time.
Both budgeting and cooking are certainly vitally important life skills that as parents, I think we need to pass on.
While ideally, the bones would come from well-raised, pastured animals, alas, this won’t be possible on such a tight budget.

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