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Protein powder is being consumed at such high rate nowadays that the protein powder industry has become one the most revenue generating industries. One protein powder which have minimal side effects is the Precision engineered whey protein, which isВ also featured on our list of cheapest whey protein products. Increased cancer chances –В High consumption of soy protein powder can lead to increased chances of cancer as it contains phytoestrogens, which in high doses is known to cause cancer especially in women. Increased Strain on KidneysВ –В High protein diets release excess of a substance called ketones, which needs to be excreted from the body frequently leading to high strain on kidneys. Weight Gain –В When protein powder is ingested, extra protein is being supplied to the body. Toxic metals accumulation –В Some studies have shown that almost all protein powders contain trace amounts of toxic heavy metals. Dehydration –В The ketones produced as a result of high dosages of protein powder are toxins and need to be removed from the body. Incomplete Nutrition: Consuming protein drink as meal supplements can deprive your body from the much needed fiber and natural substance requirement leading to less nutrition.
CONCLUSION – Hopefully now you have a better idea of the potential protein powder side effectsВ which you can suffer with. HOW TO AVOIDВ – Just make sure to use everything in moderation, check the quality of the ingredients on any protein powder you useВ and never use out of date or expired protein powder. A diet helps you look better and maintain your health, but only if you respect some basic principles.
Whey Protein Concentrate or WPC is the most common raw material used in the creation of protein powders.

One of the most common side effects associated with whey protein concentrate and indeed all dairy protein supplementation is the development of acne.
One of the more serious concerns with whey protein concentrate supplementation and general protein supplementation is its effect on the kidneys.
Supplementing with whey protein concentrate (WPC) and other protein powders is an economical and convenient way to boost your daily intake of protein. Large intake of lactose based protein powders can cause stomach discomfort and issues like diarrhea. We also recommend checking out this guide to learn more about protein powders and supplements. A common ingredient in blended protein powders, whey protein concentrate is also used as a base to create whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolysate; two ultra pure sources of whey protein. WPC is one of the cheapest forms of protein around due to the fact that it requires the least amount of processing. Experiencing diarrhoea whilst on whey protein supplements such as WPC is most likely due to innate intolerances to certain compounds in the protein such as lactose. As the kidneys are involved in the excretion of the extra nitrogen that comes with increased protein intake; there is a concern that high protein diets may overstress the kidneys capacity to filter. While it is advisable that anyone under 18 achieve most of their daily intake of protein through food; in some circumstances, a protein powder such as WPC is a viable and good option to help support protein intake. Over prolonged usage of high amounts of protein powders, there can loss in bone density especially in women. So, if your fluid intake is not enough, than there is a chance of dehydration and other related side effects.

Whey protein concentrate that is used in protein supplements tend to contain less than 80% protein but can be as high as 89% and tends to contain higher levels of bioactive compounds, carbohydrates and fats.
While the protein levels can differ, if you were able to get your hands on a high protein percentage WPC, it is one of the most economical protein sources around. Most people who experience diarrhoea with whey protein supplements are most likely lactose intolerant.
Though they are beneficial in many ways, yet there are several serious protein powder side effects that you should be aware of before introducing it in large doses in your diet. So if you are not exercising enough to utilize the protein intake, then as a protein side effect, it tends to transform into fat gradually leading to weight gain. For ideas of what protein powders to use check out our protein powder reviews and our protein shakes recipes page. WPC, as with all other proteins are an ideal supplement to assist with muscle growth and recovery.
It is important for individuals taking protein supplements and having high protein diets to maintain hydration and fibre intake to avoid this.

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