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The flipside is that while I’d love to say that the fast days are becoming natural, they aren’t (yet!) What I am finding instead is that they are working my discipline muscle!! Steady Weight Loss - I weighed myself this morning and am down a further 1.1kg since the last time I weighed in (10days ago).
Milk supply remains uncompromised - I have had a lot of questions about the 5:2 diet as a breastfeeding Mum. I very much look forward to the day that this muscle is nice and strong and the fast days are just part of my week – you’ll be the first to know when that time comes!

I had some headaches on Thursday with my second fast for the week and I am fairly sure that being tired is a big contributing factor.
Interestingly I have noticed that my cravings are under control when I eat whole foods.Which translates to a consistent but gradual weight loss. At this point I can tell that I have lost weight as can my family but in another few weeks it will start to be more noticeable and that is going to be great!! I am staying with my parents for the next fortnight so will weigh in weekly as an indicator of progress on that front.

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