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If you look up the internet or anywhere else you will find dozens of diets based on different or sometimes similar principles that claim to make wonders.
Some don`t match your everyday schedule, some make you eat food you do not like, some can even cause you health issues and besides all this, some may not really work at all! Here is our top 5 diets based on visible results, difficulty degree and after all physical andВ physicalВ well being. The Howard Hay Diet is one of the oldest food diets that is still used by a great number of people worldwide.
The Howard Hay Diet is more like an eating life-longВ habitВ and it basically says that you can lose weight and feel good if you know how to properly combine the three different food classes.
Also, the Howard Hay Diet stipulates that one should eat 3 meals a day and leave at least 4 hours timeВ betweenВ the meals.
Besides the fact that it works, the easy to remember principles and little restriction along the way, places the Howard Hay Diet on number 5 in Top 5 diets that really work!
The simple rules and efficiency places Weight Watchers on number 4 in Top 5 diets that really work! The 13 Days Diet or the Danish Diet is one fast diet that claims to make changes at the level of the metabolism.
The 13 Days Diet is so strict that if you do not conceive to keep up the pace and decide to end it, you shall try it again only after 6 months, not one day in advance. If we sum everything up, the 13 Days Diet or the Danish Diet is still one of the most efficient diets that really work! The Motignac Diet was a very popular diet during theВ midВ `90s, and because of its great number of followers it occupies number 2 in Top 5 diets that really work! The principle that makes this diet work wonders is the glycemic index (GI), a ranking system that tells us in what degree a foodstuff can influence the blood glucose levels after every meals. The Montignac Diet is composed of 2 phases: the weigh-losing phase and the prevention andВ stabilizationВ phase.
The Rina`s 90 Diet (90-Day Diet) is also composed of 2 phases, the first oneВ composedВ of 90 days and the other one for as long as you may keep it. Every 29th day (3 days in total) you need to undergo a detox day, meaning that you only drink plenty of flat water and unsweetened tea all thay long.

Lifestyle plays an important role in human health, and conscious choices such as adopting healthier dietary habits have become especially crucial in 21st century healthcare as one means to reduce spiraling costs.
But setting up a trial to test a dietary intervention is often challenging since it is difficult to measure how well the intervention is working before actual disease onset. Discoveries from the Polyp Prevention Trial suggested that a diet rich in beans would reduce the risk of colon cancer. The present study examines the serum and colon mucosa collected from these same mice and tests them for biomarkers that correlate with the efficacy of the intervention. Garcinia works by inhibiting the enzymes that convert carbohydrates into fat.* If not utilized for energy, carbohydrates are converted into fat and stored in the body.
Order today using our 100% secure server and get it at the lowest prices in the world with our fast, inexpensive 2-3 day shipping! Much has been written about the virtue of one diet over another for weight loss – the sad truth is that none of this matters.
Overwhelming evidence shows that the only diet that confers a reasonable chance of not just losing weight but keeping it off is the diet you manage to stick with.
The authors conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised-controlled diets involving a wide range of named weight-loss diets of at least 3-months duration.
Without going into the details of supposed differences between the various diets, to me, the key messages of this paper is that there is indeed rather little (in the range of 2-3 lbs or less) difference in the В sustainable weight-loss achieved with theseВ diets. For example, the Atkins diet resulted in a rather meagre 1.71 kg greater weight loss than the Zone diet at 6-month follow-up. Sadly, nothing magical in these findings – perhaps we should stop wasting precious research funds in continuing to pit one diet against the other. Let us concede once and for all that the effect of all weight-loss diets is limited largely due to poor long-term adherence, which remains the primary reason why the long-term clinical impact in real world settings of all diets is rather modest at best. Indeed, if any of these diets were packaged into a pill, I know of no regulatory agency that would approve such a pill for long-term weight management. The principles of this diet stands in food-combining: you should combine either a and c foods or b and c foods, but you should never combine a and b foods at the same meal. In the end, you will end up with a number that will represent the total of food points you need to intake during one day.

All you need to do is to make sure that you eat the total number of points for that day, no more and no less.
It is not an easy diet, because of its strictness and monotony, but regarding the fact that it can visibly slim you down (up to 20 lbs) in less than a week, you might think twice. After years of studies, Michel Montignac discovered that the foods that have higher GI are carbohydrate-rich foods like white bread, pasta, rice white sugar etc. Colburn and colleagues designed an experiment based on what had been observed in the Polyp Prevention Trial (PPT)—a human study that set out to determine whether or not a diet high in fruits and vegetables could reduce the recurrence of colon polyps (abnormal, potentially cancerous tissue growth) in at-risk individuals.
The research team found that the proinflammatory cytokine interleukin-6 (IL-6) was an indicator of response in both the serum proteins and the gene transcripts of the colon mucosa in mice. Colburn and colleagues have discovered a mouse-man correlation between a dietary change and a reduction in colon cancer risk.
That certainly works, but it long-term adherence to it leaves me sicker and more miserable than being obese.
The principles of this diet is to sum up the points representing foods, that you need for one day, preventing you from eating more and also less than your body basically needs. During the second phase, the diet is moreВ permissiveВ but the idea is to maintain certain eating habits so to prevent from gaining weight back. The results of that trial revealed that those who ate the highest amount of beans showed only a one-third recurrence rate. Using an obese mouse model, the team validated the effectiveness of a dietary intervention and then identified a biomarker indicative of healthful changes in mouse colon mucosa. Colburn designed a study using genetically obese mice injected with azoxymethane to induce colon carcinogenesis, placed them on a navy bean diet (whole bean, bean residue fraction, or bean extract fraction), and found reduced tumor growth in all three groups as compared with controls. It was noteworthy that the bean diet counteracted the effect of the carcinogen on colon IL-6.
The data for this trial, which was presented in April 2009 at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting, showed that diet may reduce the recurrence of colon polyps in humans by attenuating IL-6, so IL-6 appears to be a predictive biomarker of response to dietary prevention of colon carcinogenesis.

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