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It wasn't soon after that the tea floodgates opened and new brand after new brand starting pouring into the market, offering varying sugar levels, promises of anti-oxidant health benefits, and all manner of unique flavors. To narrow down the dizzying field, we stuck to the most common and popular option: lemon-flavored iced tea. After tallying the data and overlaying some graphs, I found that for the most part, real tea flavor tracked pretty closely with our favorite picks.
The other exception was Alexander, which just edged its way out of last place in front of Nestea, despite having the lowest Real Tea Flavor rating. Honest Tea placed comfortably in first with high marks for real tea flavor, as well as its gentle hand with the sugar.
High marks for real tea flavor didn't save this one from a lack of tartness that brought down its overall score.
One of the sweetest teas of the bunch with the lowest tartness rating and the lowest tea flavor rating. While bottled tea is easy on the go, it's not that hard to make your own iced tea with real tea (and a squeeze of lemon if you wish.) Plus, you'll get to adjust the sweetness to your personal taste. Hot or cold, ready-to-drink, powdered or bagged, black or green, tea is the second most widely-consumed beverage on earth, behind water.
Tea is also a great way to stay hydrated, and contrary to popular belief, caffeine in regularly consumed amounts of tea does not lead to dehydration, and in fact the fluid in tea contributes to hydration. Lipton's 2007 announcement of its commitment to sustainably source all of its tea in teabags from Rainforest Alliance Certifiedв„ў estates by 2015 placed the company miles ahead in sustainable tea farming practices.

To ensure its suppliers' farming practices are sustainable, Lipton® has teamed up with the Rainforest Alliance, a nonprofit conservation organization that works to conserve biodiversity and protect the rights and welfare of workers, their families, and communities. Lipton® is one of the only brands with its own tea estates and tea research facilities, employing more than 80,000 people. At Lipton®, we have a team of fully-trained Tea Tasters skilled in the art and science of tea. To taste tea, experts slurp it to the back of their throats to “atomize it,” allowing them to taste and smell simultaneously. In a spirit of tireless innovation, research and discovery, LIPTON® is keen to promote awareness and increase understanding of tea, from bush to cup. I grew up on raspberry-flavored Snapple back in the days when it was made with sugar and showed the Boston Tea Party on its label. Indeed, at one point in the late 2000's, bottled teas were the #1 growth market for bottled soft drinks. I once had a conversation with the head of distribution for Lipton's worldwide market who told me that once teas have been sorted by quality, the lowest grade goes to two places: bottled iced teas, and tea bags destined for the American South, where they will eventually end up as sweet tea. Indeed, there were only two exceptions to the rule: Lipton Pure Leaf limped in at fourth place, despite taking the #2 spot on the Real Tea Flavor scale—its lack of tartness to balance out its sweetness pushed it behind both Snapple and Arizona. Gold Peak's tea featured a syrupy sweet texture that one taster likened to "a melted lemon popsicle." On the other hand, a few tasters did enjoy its simple sweet flavor. One taster simply remarked, "syrup." "This has a tea smell, but it's not tea," said another.

And LiptonВ® tea is steeped in history and little-known facts that only add to the presence and appeal of the brand today. It is the role of the Tea Taster to make sure teas are blended perfectly to meet our standards of quality. Only a few seconds may be spent on any individual tea, since the taster has to evaluate several hundred samples a day. Sweetened iced tea is often more about the sugariness and lemon than the actual tea itself, but we were still interested to see how tea flavor would affect final outcome. Most other brands seemed reluctant to allow the naturally bitter compounds of tea come out in their drinks, while Honest Tea didn't hold back.
It's Earth-friendly policies and commitment to sustainable agriculture will ensure it remains a leader, not just in the tea industry, but for agricultural producers in every sector. Tea experts have such finely-tuned palates, they can determine the manufacturing method, quality and value of the tea (sometimes even the estate where it was grown) with one taste. Some 450,000 independent tea farms in Kenya - to be followed by estates in India, South East Asia, and South America - are working towards becoming Rainforest Alliance Certifiedв„ў.

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