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First thing every morning, Ellen Talles starts her day by draining a supersize Styrofoam cup filled with Diet Coke and crushed ice. My preferred poison was Diet Pepsi, but I’ll still refer to myself as a recovering (diet) cokehead.
Or if you have a soda stream, just get some water from the tap and you’re good to go. Well, the day I found out I was pregnant, I knew that was the it, I was done with caffeinated soda. Dealing with the headaches is the worst, especially when you know that just one glass of diet soda could make them stop. I also just crave it for the fizz, so I do club soda at restaurants and LaCroix (grapefruit or lime) at home.
You can add a little baking soda to your plain water and either drink this or at least rinse your mouth out with it several times a day. There is also many good health reasons to keep your body less acidic so that is why I try to eat more alkaline foods and use baking soda as an alkaline product. Although I may have had a diet drink in the far away past, I grew to understand the danger of artificial sweeteners. The brand has tried to experiment over the past decade with little success; the public knows what it wants, and it wants its Diet Coke. Headaches, irritability, and the unrelenting desire to take one long draw on a cold bottle of Diet Pepsi and feel the sweet rush of it as it traveled from my tongue to my brain.

I could, if I chose to feed the beast, reawaken the same addiction and be back to a two-liter a day habit.
Maybe set a rule for yourself that you only drink diet soda when you’re out at a restaurant. Don’t quit diet soda the week of the giant research paper or the big work project or your wedding. If you can afford a few extra calories, consider stepping down from diet soda to Italian Soda.
Helps to have others who have been there or are there, to quit with the diet soda and overeating.
Of course, you still have to watch the calories, but it does help make a few ounces of juice into a more satisfying beverage. I am currently kicking the diet pop and it has been an easy thing to do now that I have been eating alot healthier.
I have also started to cut coffee out of my diet (though I feel pressured to have some sort of special morning beverage, so I drink 100% coconut water when I can afford it… otherwise, just plain water gets the job done nowadays). Brushing your teeth with xylitol tooth paste and rinsing your mouth with xylitol mouth wash several times a day will help keep your teeth protected. I bought a thermos that is shaped like the 24-ounce diet Coke bottles that I used to drink and simply substituted cold, unsweetened tea for the pop. Would have an occasional root beer soda about once or twice a year with lots of ice, shared with my hubby.

There was 2005's Coke Zero, which was practically the same as Diet Coke but meant to appeal to men who were too embarrassed to drink a sissy weight loss beverage like all those weight-obsessed ladies out there. They haven't had any luck so far, but we're still pretty sure Diet Coke is something we shouldn't be constantly imbibing.
Bill Clinton famously loved Diet Coke (in fairness to him, he had no need to manifest his saturnine desires with a soft drink. Even though it’s been several years since my last Diet Pepsi, I can still remember that feeling. Since your SummerTomato-esque healthstyle involves more meals at home, that’ll cut down on the diet soda you drink.
Diet sodas taste like chemicals, which isn’t surprising since that’s what they are!
The first was buying Columbia Pictures as champions of product placement, guaranteeing that actors would be chugging Diet Coke for decades to come. Later, you can start substituting other drinks when you eat out until you’re eventually soda-free. Towards the night, I started to get that horrible caffeine headache I always get if I skip a soda for the day, so I drank about 6 sips of coffee right before bed.

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