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One of the things we are proudest of is the investigative work we have done to track down and expose the scams.
How many times do you open the Star or National Enquirer or US magazine and see an ad for a diet pill featuring some amazing, jaw-dropping before and after photos. Manufacturers will go to great lengths to cash in on the billion-dollar diet pill industry. A New Jersey health store was recently caught selling counterfeit Zyatonix—one of the top-selling diet pills on the market. Madison Avenue must think America is made up of morons, based on some of the bogus, crazy and insulting diet products they have tried to sell us over the past few years. If you have ever ordered or bought any diet pills, appetite suppressant or metabolism booster or mail order item, chances are the company you bought from has sold your name and address on a mailing list.
There have been over 50 natural diet pills taken off the market by the FDA in the past 5 years because they were secretly laced with versions or analogues of pharmaceutical drugs. One of the biggest diet scams making the rounds now, are unsolicited phone calls from telemarketers selling diet pills. Here’s another slimy company selling a phony weight loss patch that supposedly melts fat without having to exercise or diet. However, it’s important to be careful when ordering Acai Berry products online because there are a lot of scams and warnings. The headline is the first sign this product is a ridiculous scam—“You Can Lose 70 Pounds in 40 Days!” Sure, if you starve yourself and exercise for 6 hours a day.

Products like Acai Berry Supreme, Acai Pure, Acai Force, Acai Burn and Acai Fit have all made claims that their product is the miracle diet pill because it contains high-quality acai berry extracts. When confronted with the allegations, the store manager tried to blame the scam on the manufacturer.
These are high-pressured boiler room outfits with commission-only salesmen, who get a 40% share of all diet pill sales they make. There is some evidence hoodia can help suppress the appetite, but Pur-Hoodia Plus is claiming it can help reduce your diet by 2,000 calories per day. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no magic pill out there that helps you lose that much weight without combining some diet and exercise plan. It turns out that the “Free Trial” of the natural diet pills you were promised, is just a ruse to get your credit card billing information so they can charge you every month, until they either go out of business, or until you cancel your credit card with your credit card company! Diet companies are getting so sleazy, they won’t even tell you what the actual product is or what it does! This is crazy because most diets are around 2,000 calories—so basically you’re going to be starving!
You get a piece of junk mail promoting some diet pill from a company you have never heard of— chance are very high that the before and after photos are fake. Just like every other deceptive, diet pill loaded with absolutely nothing that helps you lose weight, Calorslim allows you to eat whatever you want, whenever you want and you’ll still melt away fat. So not all autoship programs are bad, just be cautious and watch out for Acai Berry free offers (these companies are the king of scams).

Kester’s “new scientific weight-loss discovery.” This “discovery” has apparently helped thousands of people lose a combined 90,000 pounds…without having to change dieting or exercise habits.
This is absolutely ridiculous and the fact that this company could still be in business is scary. This is one of the biggest scams in the diet industry, with no scientific proof to back its claims. You will not find one doctor or scientific study confirming that hoodia alone (without diet or exercise) can cause significant weight gain. But what really happens is the trip is some bogus time-share thing that never happens, and meanwhile they put you in an auto-shipment program for the diet pills that you can’t get out of!
Just like every other diet pill on this scams list, you don’t need to change your diet or exercise routine. The only part of this ad that isn’t a joke is the tiny disclaimer that says diet and exercise are needed for the most effective results.
Acai Supreme Plus is a perfect example of a product scamming millions of people based on the reputation of one ingredient. At least some of these outlandish diet companies tell you it’s a pill stuffed with some fruit extracts, but this company will not even tell you anything about the product.

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