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Energy drinks like Red Bull and others have become instantly popular from the time they have been introduced in the market. Red Bull has become an instant success among all segments of people and has become a common house hold name. Caffeine content in the Red Bull is very high when compared to those found in other soft drinks.
Federal regulators are asking consumers to submit adverse event reports involving health problems caused by energy drinks and other dietary supplements through a new website.
On January 17 the FDA announced the launch of a dietary supplements adverse event reporting system. However, the new reporting site is for all adverse events linked to dietary supplements.В The FDA does not normally regulate dietary supplements as long as they make no claim to cure or treat a condition.

The report and new adverse event system come at a time when concerns about the potential risk of health problems from energy drinks are under close scrutiny by federal regulators and lawmakers, following a number of deaths and an increasing number of injuries linked to Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, 5 Hour Energy and other similar products. The makers of Red Bull also face a wrongful death lawsuit over the death of a 33-year-old Brooklyn construction worker who died after drinking Red Bull while playing basketball. Along with their popularity there are many speculations on their effect on the health of those who take them regularly.
As this drink has nothing natural in it and is loaded with sugar the effect of this drink on the health is a speculation. But this reaction cannot be pin pointed to Red Bull alone as many such drinks result in same side effects. However, the new flagships of caffeinated foods are energy drinks, many of which are distributed as dietary supplements, shielding them from most FDA regulations.

In addition, side effects of Rockstar Energy Drinks have been cited in at least 13 non-fatal adverse event reports submitted to the FDA in recent years. Anything which tastes so good should contain something which has an adverse effect on the health. For those who drink Red bull regularly the worst side effects experienced would be nervous energy and anxiety.
This is a serious accusation against Red Bull and yet it seems to have fallen off of the radar.

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