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I’m not surprised at all, my dears, because like hundreds of brides who go down the altar, a very large number are nervous; nervous not about being stripped of their maiden status, nor about the in-laws, but about being supremely conscious of their weight and their complete helplessness at handling their weight issue.
You’ve known it for a long that the mirror never lies and the unsightly folds on your stomach, the waistband rolls, the armpit curls and the love handles can no longer be labeled puppy fat-oh no, you certainly have no such excuse.These cannot be wished away.
Blame it on slow metabolism or any other reason; your weight issue can be addressed in a phenomenal manner if you can diligently, coherently and with complete focus try the diet that has made many brides lose lot of inches before their wedding with a huge numbers of them managing to keep it off successfully. I completely understand any skepticism which you may feel when anyone mentions a diet because far too many have failed-not because they were inherently flawed, which scientifically they could have been but because it was not so easy to keep at it consistently.
It will have restrictions but not to the extent that you starve and lose your skin’s glow or make you so very weak that you faint at the altar.None of that for you my lovelies, for here I’m going to be discussing each of your concerns before you take on the fourteen day plan of the South Beach diet.
To get our facts in place you ought to know the antecedents of this popular and phenomenally successful diet plan.Going back to the times when the Atkin’s diet was failing to produce result, another Cardiologist named Dr. While you may have all the doubts building up within, thinking how will you lose those thirty or forty pounds you so desperately need to shed-remember that the science behind the diet plan is as important as is your determination.
The usual meals,particularly in India, in any part of the country is rich in fats, spices and an overload of carbohydrates which can come from idlis, plain, rice, khichdi(which we err to imagine as low calorie) and rotis or parathas. On the other hand if your food is rich in proteins of a certain kind you then are sure to remain satiated for longer, feeling fuller and less hungry hours after the meal as your pancreas pump insulin at a lower rate allowing food to digest slowly, releasing sugars into the blood stream slowly and keeping you feeling active and satisfied for longer.
For God’ sake do not psyche yourself into thinking that it is going to be some sort of an ordeal-in fact make it apart of your life and take it a step at a time. Phase 2 –Reintroduction of some carbs and then checking for reversals in weight loss and then modifying the plan.
Here is the plan I’ve worked out for you as each day will have three main meals and two snack time making it total up to five. Breakfast: Tomatoes, beans, cucumber and moong sprouts tossed with some chat masala and one cup fat free milk. Dinner: Tofu which is easily available and a perfect substitute for cottage cheese tossed with some olive oil, coriander leaves, adrop of sour cream or fat free yogurt, salt and pepper is great as a salad.
Breakfast: A cup of skimmed butter milk (available in all stores)-give a dash of spluttering mustard seeds and curry leaves to spice it up. Lunch: Make a lentil soup like Sambhar with tomatoes, beans and add some good dose of cumin and coriander and onions while boiling the dhal. Evening snack: Boil some chana and sprinkle some chat masala, chopped onions and green chilies and see how tasty this snack could be. Mid morning snack-I’d keep having some more almonds and pistachios for getting my dose of good fats and essential nutrients. Lunch: It’s time for some fish fantasy-Stir fried prawns with onions and green chilies are delicious with a salad made from cucumber, beans and cabbage.
Dinner: Help yourself to some boiled chicken tossed up in a green salad and some lentil soup to wash it down.

Mid morning snack: Another chilla with a filling of spicy dry chutney made with dry red chillies and garlic and a few drops of lemon juice. Lunch: Rohu fish fillets in a garlic and sauce marinade and then steamed in the usual manner. Breakfast: 1 cup of tomato juice and one cupful of sprouts salad made with cucumber, beans and tomatoes spiced up with some chat masala.
Mid morning snack: cauliflower fritters– use besan for dipping the flowerets and then frying lightly in olive oil. Lunch: ‘Kadhi’ made with low fat buttermilk instead of curd and then given the tempering of spices.
Evening snack: Microwave two papads( they are crispy and crunchy like they have been fried) and top it with chopped onions and tomatoes and a sprinkle of chat masala.
Dinner: Grill two large fillets of bhetki fish or any fish you can make fillets with and have it with some green salad.
This seven day meal plan can be repeated the next week till you my dear are already feeling lighter more cleansed from within and definitely have better grip over your palette and hunger pangs.
Please do consult your doctor or registered dietician before start this or any other weight loss plan to make sure it is right for you. Eating a diabetes-friendly diet can make the difference in your ability to keep your blood sugar levels under control.
Get the latest health & wellness advice delivered straight to your inbox, and check out our other newsletters. Healthline is for informational purposes and should not be considered medical advice, diagnosis or treatment recommendations. Then pressure cooked rice and dal in separate containers, in between which I cut chow chow for sambar and let it get cooked in another stove. You may be also interested in other sambar recipes – keerai sambar recipe, mango sambar recipe,arachuvitta samabr recipe. You’ve tried it all- yoga, the Kareena diet and perhaps a little of GM’s, and this and that thrown in, only to realize that you have sponged it back on yourself real fast. This is the South Beach Diet which allows to eat well, has a proper well formulated meal plan of fourteen days to help you discard all the excess baggage and your excess worry. Agarston formulated this plan to remove slowly but consciously all the harmful carbs from one‘s diet and reintroducing the ones that are healthier. So while you plan at least three months ahead, fill yourself up with all the details on the South beach diet and you will soon realize why it is one of the most profoundly effective diets of the recent times. Grate some tomatoes, cucumber and tofu and toss it up into a salad with a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Have this with some chillas made from ground moong dal spiced up with a safe tida, red chilies and salt.

All you need to do is marinade the chicken with some garlic and ginger paste, salt and pepper, and before baking it add slices onions and bell peppers.Make a huge plate of salad with cabbage, lettuce and sprouts and have it with the chicken. You may begin the meal with some hot tomato soup freshly made with some spinach thrown in and salt, pepper and garlic for flavor. Two pieces of grilled chicken that can be easily made if the pieces have been marinated with lemon and chili garlic paste. You may actually add a slice of cucumber every now and then in case you get way too hungry. And if all of these are too much to remember, a good friend of mine who is of Indian origin says she followed this simple rule that has helped her lose pounds and keep them off: No Sweet, No Rice!
So while you will be eliminating some food groups altogether from your diet you will not be left feeling hungry as the portions sizes will be enough to fill you up. Make then like tiny dosas in non-stick pans.Have some cabbage, beans and lettuce salad with this. Two pieces of chicken boiled and garnished with onions sautГ©ed win a little olive oil and green chilies. Avoid drinking tea and coffee and alcohol during the fourteen day period, reintroducing in a controlled manner subsequently. And remember every bride looks stunning on her wedding day, irrespective of her shape and size!
Below you'll find 21 delicious, diabetes-friendly recipes to use for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.
First temper and fry for sambar and add it to the cooked chow chow along with tamarind juice and other ingredients needed and let the sambar boil. Plant-based foods, such as vegetables, beans and whole grains, are full of fiber, which helps you feel satisfied on fewer calories. In phase two which would be the third and fourth week, introduce good carbs into your diet.
I used to hate eating these when I was kid and have told gazillion times I would never ever buy these things when I cook. Plus, going meatless may help to reduce your risk of heart disease and it’s better for the environment. Get inspired to try meatless eating, even if it’s just once a week, with these delicious, diet-friendly vegetarian dinners.
Aj is not a big fan of this, but he eats without complaining when I mix with rice and give.

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