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Pantry Challengemanage your stuffA Personalized Planner: Why You Need OneA personalized planner is a blank slate system that allows you to tweak and adapt it to fit your needs and help YOU. I pulled together my planner based on what I already had: copy paper, cheap folders, and cardstock. You can buy the all-new and improved OLAM for a treasure-trove of planning pages, calendars, and other worksheets to help you get your act together.
When I was thinking about the school year starting, I remembered you talking about making your own planner last year, and I did the same. It’s 173 pages of inspiration and planning pages to put together a household notebook or personal planner that works for you.

Since we homeschool, I always check out the section in our local thrift store where they keep the binders and notebooks. Every planning page, every worksheet that I have in mine is available in the main book or in the homeschool or blogging add-ons. That makes so much sense because the actually planners that are out there are never quite customized to what I need. My binder stays at home most of the time but I have a planner, that pops out and comes with me where I’m going!
There are often binders with extra pockets and sections, which help me keep good track of the different things in my notebook.

Plus I do lesson planning one week at a time and need to add that week in EVERY Sunday and I do it on the computer.

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