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Many athletes utilize a Registered Dietitian, who specializes in Sport Nutrition, to help them create a diet plan for weight loss.
Athletes who consume less than 1,800 calories per day have more difficulty getting the needed nutrients to support health and training.
Some athletes can benefit from additional exercise outside of practice to aid in weight loss. Lifelong weight maintenance depends on eating a healthy diet and moving more in everyday activities.

Be sure to include favorite foods in your diet plan, as deprivation can lead to overeating, which can cause weight gain. At #captainscouncil in Tacoma today working with amazing athletes on nutrition for performance! However, many athletes make the mistake of following fad diets, skipping meals and not fueling adequately with food when fuel is needed (at practice or during games).
Recording what you eat and drink can be helpful in creating an eating plan that maximizes energy intake when fuel is needed.

For example, during a soccer practice, the most active players are moving at full speed for only short periods of time. Waiting in line for drills, shagging balls and listening to instruction does not burn many calories.

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