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British singer Sam Smith is just four pounds from his goal weight following his 14-pound weight loss in 14 days on a low-carb Paleo-style detox diet. British singer Sam Smith is in the best shape of his life following his 14-pound weight loss on a 14-day Paleo-inspired detox diet. British singer Sam Smith, who's just four pounds away from his goal weight after his 14-pound weight loss on a 14-day Paleo-style diet, said fat-shaming insults hurt him a lot more than homophobic gay slurs. January 11, 2013 By Suz 9 Comments I’ve just returned from an amazing trip to Indonesia (I went to Bali, the Gili Islands and Lombok), which turned out to be a great Paleo adventure. The other striking difference I noticed was that the Indonesian children were given far more freedom then their counterparts in the developed World.

For my whole trip I ate local (I’ll tell you more about the food in Indonesia in a future post).
He credits author Amelia Freer, author of a popular diet book, for helping him whittle his waistline. The surprising thing was how many of these differences actually seemed far better in Indonesia.
In the typical Indonesian style, the delivery rooms were all open at the top of the walls, allowing air (and noise!) to circulate freely. I can’t help but wonder how much better it is for the Indonesian babies, who are constantly in physical contact with their family.

I was interested to hear that women in Indonesia are typically very quiet in delivery, rarely have drugs (epidurals and the like aren’t available in the particular clinic I visited) and “100% of women breastfeed”. With a Weston A Price perspective, it seems clear how the right diet helps to form a proper shaped palate – and good teeth.

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