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Trying to evaluate Tony Scott’s last work, a television commercial for Diet Mountain Dew that he completed weeks before committing suicide, requires looking back at his work in order to understand his style and to appreciate the piece in context. A close up side angle of the slob taking a long, full gulp from the Diet Dew bottle – pure, infantile delight. The incredible contrast between the raw commercialism of the Diet Dew ad and Beverly Hills Cop 2 on the one hand, and then the utter freakiness of this nudist monstrosity could not have been more stark.

Having seen in The Hunger the depths of despair to which Scott’s true artistic vision of human life had sunk, it becomes possible to understand the defiant absurdity of the Diet Dew ad. If art is supposed to lead to truth, then leading the audience to the position that there is nothing more desirable than a bottle of Diet Dew would not qualify as art.
Having worked myself into a terrifying spiral of nihilism and despair by contemplating the cruel irony that the last video Tony Scott had made before jumping to his death was a ludicrous commercial for Diet Mountain Dew, my mind was fully open to the meaning of The Hunger.

If denial is the highest goal, then distractions like Diet Mountain Dew really are that good.

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