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A delicious sumptuous strawberry flavour high protein milkshake drink, enjoyed as a meal or snack.
The new Sculptress Diet drink is a delicious, smooth high protein shake available in Sumptuous Strawberry flavour.
Sculptress Diet drink contains 22g of protein, just the right amount per serve to help support active muscles and healthy bones as part of your daily lifestyle. To see the Strawberry Maxitone Sculptress Diet Drink full ingredients and our label please use the below alternative views.
I put most of them straight in the fridge so that they were nice and cold when coming to drink the product.

When unscrewing the lid and peeling back the foil seal I thought the drink smelt a little odd. I can't really describe the smell of the drink but I didn't really find it very persuasive for me to drink the drink.
As I spent money on the drink I wasn't going to waste it so I took a mouthful of the drink. The drink isn't very thick how I imagined it to be and the taste of strawberry is only really noticeable when swallowing the mouthful of drink. Some benefits Atkins Diet Food: Advantage Bars, Endulge Ice Cream And Atkins Shakes When the Atkins diet emerged as a diet that doesn't limit people to celery or grapefruits it became one of the most talked about fad diet.

I wouldn't have said that this was the best tasting strawberry drink that I have had before.
The Atkins diet claims to help people lose weight by limiting the amount of carbohydrates consumed. Much of the Atkins diet's success can be attributed to the fact that it includes foods that many other diets prohibit.

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