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Our nutritionist software provides authoritative calorie data, helping to retain and attract new clients.
A variety of meal plan options converts services into steady and consistent dietary consults and meal plan programming. Not only will using our nutritional software help your business but your clients will benefit as well. Recipe ingredients are pulled from a product inventory file rationalized by Dietary Manager for you in conjunction with your vendors.
Dietary manager will work with your vendors to update pricing monthly, a service that is included in your monthly licensing fee.
Menu development is simplified by allowing for duplication of menus across diets and modification of special diets as required.

About Brimstone AllonDietary Manager is written through the eyes of food service managers, dietitians, cooks and diet aids just like you.
Shop'NCook Menu is your kitchen manager in a box - ready to handle all the administrivia so that you can get back to creating culinary magic!
You can organize your favorite recipes in cookbooks and share them with your friends using the free Reader software.
Dietary Manager will continue to add more recipes to the master file which you have access to.
Our goal is to get you up and running in 60-90 days with all inventory ingredients as you purchased tied to the recipes, which will provide up to date pricing not only for the ingredients but also for all menus, generic and resident customized. As you build a menu, you will see how the cost of each recipe affects your meal and PPD cost, allowing you to balance out the meals and the daily cost.

Plan your meals by dropping recipes on the calendar for as many menus per day and as many days in advance as you want. Nutrional data on each meal and day is also readily available from the menu screen, making it easier for your Dietitian to evaluate the menus you build them. You can add new ingredients and categories for your family's dietary needs or restrictions, and organize them according to your supermarket aisles.

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