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Well we can start off by fixing the bland and boring part by choosing different combinations of healthy inexpensive foods to build a meal out of.
Here are some ideas for building a healthy and satisfying starch based McDougall plate at home.
There are so many ideas out there to add a little flavour and excitement to a low fat plant based diet. I would be grateful if you could tell me a sample menu (with serving sizes) based on your experience for eating 3000-4000 calories in a day in this low fat vegan diet (McDougall). You can cure type 2 diabetes if you adhere to an oil free low fat diet, there’s only an issue when you eat starch or carbs WITH a lot of oil and fat as that causes spikes in insulin. I’ve been eating a starch-based diet since the end of February and so far I’ve lost over 35 pounds (16 kilos) and counting!
Whether you’re following a low-carb diet or trying to cut back on carbs to lose weight, our low-carb lunch recipes are easy options for a satisfying lunch. Including some healthy high carb low fat foods into your daily meals will help keep you full and your waistline trim.
Lack of carbohydrates (your energy source) would make you a little groggy for sure, just ask anyone on the Atkins diet.

For low-carb meal ideas, try our Veggie Egg Salad for a new take on traditional egg salad or Chopped Greek Salad with Chicken for an easy low-carb salad recipe to pack-and-go. Cultures all over the world are thriving on a predominantly plant based high starch diet, whether in the form of potatoes, white rice, pasta, or corn (maize, not yellow sweet corn), supplemented with green and yellow vegetables and some fresh fruits. This is why a meal including mashed potatoes or pasta can be so satisfying and keep you full for a long time.
Just because we take the cheese and bacon out of potatoes and salads for a healthy vegan diet doesn’t mean that you have to eat them plain and lament about it.
To make this diet cheaper, it’s better to buy some things in bulk like potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, whole grains etc. She travels all the time so she can’t cook all of her own meals but making better choices helped her.
If you get the majority of your energy from whole food starches you will find it very easy to lose or maintain your ideal weight. Really the most important thing to being able to put meals together quickly is to have a stocked refrigerator and pantry with healthy whole foods that you can put together into a complete meal.
They key is to find some healthy foods and meals that you really enjoy eating and it doesn’t feel like a chore or you are depriving yourself.

At the beginning I went on strict raw food diet, but then subsequently following the low fat vegan diet.
Also don’t forget you can buy frozen vegetables and fruit to keep around for a quick meal.
Depending where you live the wait staff will know more or less about dietary restrictions and allergies as well. When I have friends or family members with dietary restrictions, I go out of my way to make something for all of us that they can have and generally any good chef will accommodate you. McDougall’s diet should be very easy for Indonesian, as we eat rice everyday, just remove the oil and meat products.

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