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In a world dominated by the constant temptation of sugary snacks, fizzy drinks and supersized junk food it’s often hard to remember what a balanced diet should look like. Getting the balance of all these elements right in a packed lunch can be a challenge for any parent but a healthy, tasty lunchbox is by no means out of reach.
The combination of a fresh, balanced diet and plenty of exercise is a great way to make sure that our kids grow up healthy and happy and free from issues such as obesity and depression. It may not always be easy, but paying more for food that contributes to a healthy paleo diet now, could actually end up saving you a ton of money in the future. If you do go out, save half of your entree for lunch tomorrow.В В  Two meals for the price of one!

My base rate is around 1,800 calories, so I usually aim for a bento lunch that is around 500 to 600 calories. Since your diet-bento will have less rice, you will want to reduce the salt in your okazu or you’ll crave more rice.
When it comes to lunch boxes, getting this right is pretty key, as lunch has to provide fuel for the entire day, particularly an active and sport-filled one. We all know that most kids would prefer an ice cream to a carrot, but the bright colours, the crunchy, juicy textures and the fact that they can be grabbed by little hands make fruit and veg a great healthy lunch box tool.
Cooking and packing colorful lunch boxes helps you to focus your compassion for food on something constructive (e.g the preparation of it).

Here are some simple rules to follow to maximise the weight-loss benefits of your bento lunches. The Minerals food group is where you can go crazy as fruit and vegetables make up the largest part of it and bring only good things like calcium for bone strength and iron for blood health to our daily diets.
Protein is another essential element in the daily diet as it delivers growth and also enables the body to repair itself after an accident or injury.

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