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Our consumption of information has a much more immediate impact than even our consumption of food.
Being on an information diet doesn't mean taking in less, or going on a social media vacation -- it means consuming the right stuff. You can set your computer up to be useful to your diet too -- though a healthy information diet is really about habits, not about tools.
Remember, naughty treats and indulgences can be part of a healthy balanced diet when enjoyed in moderation. So in a nutshell, carbs should make up about one-third of your diet and try to be as active as possible to prevent excess carb stores turning into fat stores.
Milk, cheese, yoghurts are all types of diary products and an importance source of proteins, vitamins and calcuim, that can help to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Cheese has the highest fat content of dairy products, however it is important to stress that you do not have to remove cheese completely from your healthy balanced diet.
Meat is an excellent source of protein, vitamins such as iron and zinc and B12 to contribute to your healthy balanced diet. In the world of media -- and especially in the world of political news, we need to start making the same healthy decisions with our information as we do our food.

An over reliance on software to manage this for you is like an over-reliance on your refrigerator to maintain your healthy diet. And if you're interested in more tips and skills you can develop to have a healthier relationship with information, I'll humbly suggest you check out my book, The Information Diet, which is available on the Kindle now, and will be out in hardcover on January 18th. That means that being selective with the information you take in doesn't just change your own life, it moves the media market towards being a better provider of information.
The reason many low-carb diets have focused upon carbs and starchy foods as a main source for healthy weight loss is that carbs and starchy foods are great, although excess carbs that we do not burn may turn into fat.
Especially when these diets include high fat contents from cheeses and butter which can increase the chances of chronic diseases. Note that Rhabdus rectius has a distinctly different diet when compared to the other scaphopods.
And if I had to go back and look at how we caught the disease called delusion, I'd have to point to our information diets.
Conscious media consumption and information selectivity are every bit as important and vital to our individual health as a healthy food diet is.
But there are some tools and preferences for a healthy information diet that you can set up and use to make your life easier.

The production of information -- whether it be through blogging or keeping a journal, is just as important to conscious consumption as the initial consumption of it. The only way we turn our affirmation networks back into information networks is by changing our own demands. Our ability to make good decisions, to focus, and to have meaningful social relationships hinge on our ability to select healthy information over junk information.
As our obesity epidemic challenges our healthcare system, our poor information diets are challenging the fabric of our democracy. I think the concept of information as food and how we’re over-consuming information is interesting, but I also like the simple but engaging animated video trailer to promote the book.

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