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Normally, too much information refers to someone sharing too-private details, but a new study shows we suffer from a completely different type of TMI. We are telling our minds that we should get used to being constantly interrupted by outside information and that, ITS NORMAL. It seems as though information overload could have lots to do with all the stress and anxiety we create as well as our chronic sleep deprivation problems.
My hope is you come off of the 7 day challenge being more productive and less stressed and that you learn how to slowly make changes in your daily habits that help you to eliminate unnecessary information overload.

SO if you are looking for more focus and productivity or looking to have a clearer mind, the 7 day information diet is the place to start. Experts have warned that the current work culture needs to change because employees and companies are being drowned with information. The average worker is said to receive 36 emails per day, and when you throw in Facebook updates, new tweets, instant messages, news, phone calls, blogs, forums, cat videos, and daily meetings, the average person is suffering from information overload. Companies are scrambling to help employees process this data, as this type of oversaturation of information can lead to stress.

Even our society’s most trusted filterers of advice about diet, health, and nutrition struggle to make sense of the chaos.

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