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These meal plans have been independently tested by the McGill University Health Center, in Montreal, Canada, as part of an 18-month clinical study on people with type 2 diabetes.
Good news for pregnant women also dealing with type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes, our pregnancy menus are also conceived to maintain well balanced blood glucose level. The recommendations for type 2 diabetes consist of 40 nutritional targets that must be attained every day. Since the nutritional recommendations relate to daily and weekly intakes, it is not sufficient to look for 'Diabetes recipes'.
All the nutrition content of the website, including the information on this page as well as all meal plans, are checked and approved by our nutrition team, led by Danielle Lamontagne, R.D.

The neutral taste and lower cost of canola oil make it an excellent choice for everyday cooking as well as for baking. Crispbread is a type of crackerbread from rye, rich in fiber and low in fat, salt and sugar. Indeed, some fruits served for dessert are sometime sprinkled with sugar, but only in small amount to enhance their taste.
If, for example, your energy requirement is 2,000 calories, choose the 1,500-calorie Meal Plans to achieve weight loss. First, the values recommended by your Dietitian are for "net" carbs (without fibers) and refer to the main meal only.

Finally, our Diabetes Meal Plans are designed to provide 50% of the energy from carbohydrates, as recommended by the Canadian Diabetes Association.
By choosing our Diabetes Meal Plans with the right caloric level for you, you will be able to meet the latest dietary recommendations without having to count carbs.
However, as our meal plans are based on the Mediterranean diet, they include plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes, so that the daily fiber needs are fully met.

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