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The infomercials are so convincing that I have my wallet out right now, and I might send Rob Nevins $5.95 or maybe $595, I'm not sure which. Kevin Trudeau's weight loss plan has been ruled a fake -- at least, as he depicted it in his TV infomercials. Trudeau could face years in prison for the shady promises he made while promoting his diet book on the air. There are countless other cases of shady infomercial companies landing in hot water over their false claims. Now as you know, normally in this section I review fitness gadgets and various other devices on the market, but because I get so many questions regarding diet pills, I thought now would be a great time to review the famous infomercial diet pill Lipozene. According to the video on the company website, people gain fat from having children, stress at work, lack of exercise, and having a poor diet, which tends to accumulate on their hips, stomach and thighs. Consume a diet rich in fiber; from vegetables, grains and other nutritious, healthy sources.

Fake HCG Diet, Weight Loss Book Promises Could Send Infomercial Personality To Prison; Watch Controversial Ad Here! His infomercials claimed that people who followed the diet in the book would lose weight and eventually be able to eat anything they wanted without gaining it back. It was the fact that he made wild promises on TV in order to get viewers to buy his diet book.
In 2012, the Federal Trade Commission won a lawsuit against the marketers of a massive infomercial scam that fooled an estimated 1 million consumers.
Usually when people include more fiber in their diet, they inherently eat less calories, hence weight loss.
Simply take the pill and you’re done; don’t change your diet, don’t workout, just pop the wonder capsule and enjoy pure fat loss. The infomercial personality was accused of violating a judge's 2004 order prohibiting him from making false claims about his book, The Weight Loss Cure "They" Don't Want You To Know About.

In that scam, infomercials for get-rich programs such as "John Beck's Free & Clear Real Estate System," "John Alexander's Real Estate Riches in 14 Days," and "Jeff Paul's Shortcuts to Internet Millions" were found to have misled consumers into buying bad advice based on false claims, and also enrolling them into a $39.95 monthly subscription without proper disclosure. The female host of the infomercial then says, “It’s so easy, just take Lipozene, that’s it”. That’s hardly revolutionary as we’ve know the benefits of including dietary fiber to be numerous; lower cholesterol, better heart health, lower caloric intake, etc. According to his website, he's a former high school wrestler turned "America's Fat Loss Guru," and he's helped 40,000 people lose weight.I'm always looking for a new, solid and good diet plan.

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