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In the 1970’s and 1980’s many adults with Phenylketonuria (PKU) were advised to discontinue their low protein diet in adolescence1 as it was thought that the diet was no longer needed.
It is nutritionally unsafe for someone with PKU to follow a low protein diet without taking protein substitute (PS)4. Restarting the PKU diet is very challenging and changes should be made one step at a time to avoid the diet becoming overwhelming and resulting in failure.
The PKU diet is very restrictive and low protein (LP) foods are an important way of reintroducing vital calories, carbohydrate and variety back into the diet once high protein foods are restricted.
The Teatox Diet involves drinking a tea (there are numerous brands available) that will contain ingredients designed to help promote weight loss by cleansing your digestive tract of waste and the associated toxins.
As with any diet you should not rely solely on the Teatox tea for the weight loss results you desire. In fact, a Brown University study found that online weight-loss programs that were based not only on good medical information but also offered feedback from a professional were more successful for dieters than those that were only information-based. However, ‘Diet for life’ has now been recommended since the 1990’s2 and many adults with PKU want to return to low protein diet to improve their symptoms of high phenylalanine (phe) concentrations. PS contains all the amino acids, apart from phe, and essential vitamins and minerals missing when following a low protein diet. Their dietitian will report back to them with their phe concentrations in a timely manner so that dietary changes can be made if necessary and encouragement given.

We are Registered Dietitian's sharing our thoughts on diet, nutrition, food, being a Dietitian and diet myths that float around the web! To find the best of the leading diet sites that offer solid advice and support, the Good Housekeeping Research Institute examined the 10 most popular, assessing the sites' questionnaires (to be sure they're analyzing your needs properly), experts' credentials, variety and value of diet recommendations including reasonable expectations for weight loss, Internet privacy policies, and ease of site navigation.
Concurrently high protein foods should be cut out and low protein foods trailed and added into the diet.
These can be given by the dietitian, dietetic assistants, company representatives, at LP cooking events and clinics and LP recipes books and websites.
Ensure a blood phe is taken before restarting the low protein diet so that the change in phe concentrations can be seen. The below dietВ information is NOT for the general population, but for use in specialist prescribed low protein diets. Finally exchanges (1 exchange = 1g of protein = 50mg of phenylalanine) should be used and this can help to achieve desired blood phe concentrations.
In patients with PKU, if their phe concentrations are consistently higher than the target range, or if they were consistently high as a child, then these patients can find organisation and planning difficult and will need a lot of help and support from their Dietitian, family and friends3,7. Having the right cooking equipment including 1g increment scales for measuring exchanges and a bread machine for making fresh LP bread can all help with adherence.
Patient society group web pages and blogs of people with PKU from around the world can provide information and insight into how others cope with the same diet.

These foods will help with the taste and variety of the PKU diet, factors that could help with adherence and reduce blood phe concentrations. In the first two weeks, the diet prescribes omitting grains, sugar, and fruits, which could be discouraging to some. The site hosts live weekly chats with diet and fitness experts, message boards, and a buddy system to pair you with a fellow dieter for more motivation. The program is broken into stages one through four, to help move you through the journey of weight loss one step at a time.
The online community is very active, and "Spark Teams" of other members will help keep you motivated on bad days. Articles and tools address every aspect of health with regard to weight loss (nutrition, fitness, attitude, and behavior) to find the right diet strategy that fits into your lifestyle. The program allows you to choose from different diet tracks depending on sex, age, and dietary restrictions (diabetic and vegetarian).

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