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Among Vegetable salad recipes, a healthy and tasty one is Lettuce salad with garlic croutons. Tabbouleh recipe is a classic Lebanese vegetarian salad prepared with bulgur and fresh parsely. I usually pair this protein rich salad with fresh fruit juice which makes for a filling complete meal.
Prepared a vibrant, hearty, low fat, high fibre salad using kidney beans and ripe mango for lunch today. Prepared a Thai inspired salad using pineapple and cucumber, a refreshing medley along with a touch of fresh mint. Prepared a simple, colorful and flavorful salad using avocado and ripe mango for lunch today. During summer, most mid day meals are usually light and many a time, its salad and large glass of a summer cooler or buttermilk, especially during the month of May.

Sharing the high raw food diet (1 day a week) that I had today, on request by my dear readers. Prepared a simple and quick salad with Iceberg lettuce, red and yellow capsicums and cucumber. Refreshing with combination of textures – both avocado and mango being creamy, and lettuce providing a bit of crunch, the salad has a mingling of savory and sweet flavors.
Today, I prepared a colorful, crunchy salad and a mint flavored lemonade for our mid day meal.
Had a khatta meetha fruity salad for lunch which was light on the stomach with a delightful blend of flavors.
There was a time when I was an almost raw food diet on a regular basis but was not consistent in maintaining it.
Finished with a generous amount of coarsely pounded roasted peanuts, the 3 P salad is one of the best high raw food salad recipes I have ever made.

I like the smoky flavor of roasted bell peppers and they make a great addition to today’s lettuce salad. A salad I prepared recently is a mango based one with iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cucumber.
Today, I prepared an easy, breezy, cheesy, super simple tomato salad using little cubes of cheese and cucumber.

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