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The following info is only made possible because I've kept a detailed Colitis diary where I make notes on symptoms, diet and meds. I've split the flare-up into weeks to make it easier to follow, plus I've left out days where the same symptoms keep occuring (a common thing with Colitis). I also started the record of the flare from when I first felt rundown in order to show that it's possible there may be clues that a flare-up is just round the corner. Although there was no blood or mucus, urgency starts which tells me I'm definitely heading into a flare. Blood, mucus, urgency and liquid stool - the flare is under way yet amazingly I'm still on only 2 x 400mg mesalazine after 14 days!!

Even though I make my own bread and I don't believe I have a problem with gluten, I decided to cut it out of my diet. I note that the blood has stopped for 3 days - this doesn't really mean anything until it lasts for a couple of weeks. I feel most of this is down to a restricted diet as opposed to not being able to absorb food. Outside of this, during the flare I stuck to a dairy, gluten and wheat free diet (I haven't eaten sugar for some time). I started taking certain supplements during this flare but can't say that they made a significant difference - this could be down to the dosage amounts I used.

It's interesting to see how far into the flare-up I was making decisions on changing meds, diet and supplements. I believe this has also helped keep the flare from declining to the level of previous flares.

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