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Skeletal muscle is the primary site for protein metabolism and is the tissue that regulates protein breakdown and synthesis throughout the body. Strength athletes usually need protein supplements because it is difficult to obtain a sufficient amount of protein from food alone.
Protein is found in meats, fish, poultry, milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, dried or canned peas, beans and lentils, nuts and seeds and their butters, and in soy products like tofu and soy beverage.4 Grains, fruits and vegetables also add small amounts of protein to your diet.
To estimate the amount of protein in your diet, keep a food record for 1 or 2 days, recording what you eat and drink.

To make a long story short, too much of a good thing, even protein which is an important part of any athlete’s training diet, can become a bad thing over time.  Moderation and balance with other macronutrients is key!
Skeletal muscle is an important site for protein metabolism but the liver plays a primary role both in protein metabolism and its regulation. Obtaining sufficient protein from food alone is not difficult and surveys of athletes haven shown that many consume more than what is recommended.В  Protein supplements may be desirable for athletes for reasons such as convenience, but are optional and not necessary. Always seek the advice of a physician, registered dietitian, or other qualified healthcare provider with respect to any questions you may have regarding your nutritional requirements.

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