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The Paleo diet is a very healthy nutrition plan for young and old alike; following the basic diet principles of our ancestors during the Paleolithic era. The Paleo diet is ideal for athletes as well; since they need to rely on sustained energy levels and proper nutrition to fuel their workouts.
To prepare for a workout you will need to consume sufficient carbohydrates; these should have a moderate to high glycemic count. With so many health benefits to offer, the Paleo diet truly is one of the best nutritional programs around.
The diet is based on the same food groups that our ancestors enjoyed; namely meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.

Similar to athletes, people in the Stone Age were fit and healthy; although they did not live the same active lifestyle as modern athletes today. Sports drinks are very popular and it's perfect since it provides you with carbohydrates in a liquid form. Try to come up with interesting recipes and healthy meals for the whole family; while focusing on the basic food groups that our ancestors consumed. The Paleo diet hols many health benefits and this include increased energy levels, a reduced risk of cancer and an improved digestive system.
This is why the Paleo diet is perfect; it can be modified to support an active athlete's nutritional needs.

You can also lose additional weight with this diet; since it is naturally low in carbohydrates and high in lean protein sources. Sufficient macronutrients are very necessary if you have been training intensely for more than one hour. You can include any protein source for your post workout nutrition; this can be a meat source like chicken or steak.

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