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By eating certain foods, we can better regulate our hormone levels and even create an environment unsuitable for acne causing bacteria.
The interesting thing is there’s also adverse effects associated with a high protein diet.
In last weeks lesson:В detox diet for acne, I mentioned a chickpea salad as a great low GIВ (glycemic index) meal. And the best news is it’s extremely low GI, which means it will help to act an an anti-inflammatory for your skin! Almost every form of acne treatment you can buy in stores use selenium and the best news is…it can be found in some foods you can easily add to your diet!
Aids in the breakdown of testosterone, which plays one of the biggest roles inВ the formation ofВ acne.
I know most of us can’t afford oysters for dinner every night, but once in a while they are certainly worth it when it comes to helping your acne.
Anyone looking to develop a diet for acne free skin, first needs to know what foods to stay away from.
Inflammatory foods tend to be those that cause a higher release of insulin in the blood, thereby resulting in the irregular production of hormones such as testosterone: the major cause of acne breakouts.

However for the most part, the majority of foods we eat that contain sugar are usually classified as High GI and can further help to cause acne breakouts.
Okay I love chocolate just as much as anyone, but it В just may be the worst thing for your skin! If there’s one thing you should seriously attempt to cut from your diet it would be any foods that contain HFCS. Switching over to soy milk (or rice milk if you are allergic to soy), may have a seriously positive effect on your acne.
No bullshit, by just adding in this one element to your diet each day, I promise you will see amazing results. It’s the one thing we CAN control and sure enough it controls everything else, including the hormones that are the main culprits of most acne breakouts. The same is also true for certain foods that may hinder hormone regulation and create an environment suitable for bacteria. It tastes amazing, plus honey is a natural antibacterial and may even help reduce acne causing bacteria. Roast them up nicely in your oven and you’ll have yourself a cheap, potent supply of zinc for at least a few weeks.

It won’t happen immediately, but most people who have deficiencies in zinc, protein or selenium tend to see a change take place about 2 weeks after adding them to their diet. For example cherries are extremely low GI and can have a positive effect on inflammatory skin diseases.
The main reason being because sugar is extremely easy for our bodies to digest (high GI) and as a result can cause insulin levels to rise dramatically in our blood. So if you know you’re going to have problems sticking to a diet for acne free skin, I suggest getting this booster instead. Kidney beans and lentils are also a great source of protein and can be substituted easily for meat in most meals. If you clearly feel like your diet lacks selenium, just eat a couple of Brazil nuts each day to give your body that added boost.

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