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Having a piece of cake at the occasional office party won’t do you in, but if your celebration-happy coworkers take every excuse to chow down on sweets, your diet will be crying out for help.
Having meals with friends is great for your social life, but too many dinners out can totally bust your healthy intentions. Reluctant dieters often dream of being able to eat whatever they want at dinner without gaining weight. Mr Bittman describes his ‘flexitarian’ – or semi-vegetarian – plan as a compromise for those who want to be healthy but can’t face giving up the animal foods they love, which are often high in saturated fat.The author, a food writer for 30 years, adopted the diet seven years ago after doctors said he was pre-diabetic. Whether you’re cooking in or ordering out, stealthily taking control of the situation will do wonders for keeping your diet intact. Now one health writer claims he can make the dream a reality – but only by imposing a strict vegan diet during the day.Mark Bittman has gained thousands of followers in the US with his VB6 diet, which stands for Vegan Before 6pm.

Now the craze is taking off in the UK after his best-selling book was published here this summer.Vegans eat no animal products, basing their meals on healthy fruit, vegetables and grains, which are high in fibre and nutrients. With high cholesterol and blood sugar, he was told to cut out unhealthy foods or go on medication. If there’s one or two things that science has found in the last few decades, it’s eat more plants and less junk – this is one way of doing that.’Mr Bittman said it helped him lose 1st in a month and 1st 7lb in the next few months. His book, with 60 vegan recipes for lunch and breakfast, topped the New York Times How-To bestseller book list in the US. An improving body image will help your friend feel like herself again, and you’ll get the added bonus of some great workouts while still being there for your best bud. Letting yourself pick just one starch and protein helps control appetite better than eating a little taste of everything, and picking your favorites allows you to not feel deprived.

Throw away the extra bread or fortune cookies and put half of the food on your plate and the other half in your fridge for lunch the next day. It makes more sense to have a big breakfast with eggs and bacon and then go down to vegetables for lunch and dinner.

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