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Whether you are considering becoming a vegetarian or simply looking to eat healthier and want some basic vegetarian food recipes on hand for those meatless Mondays, understanding about a bit about vegetarian cooking will help you transform your eating habits without feeling like you are sacrificing tasty food by cutting out meat. Many people are surprised and even shocked by the flavors that vegetarians can coax out of ordinary vegetables and fruits. In addition, vegetarian recipes make excellent use of such condiments as apple cider vinegar, mustard, eggless mayonnaise, extra virgin olive oil, and BBQ sauce. If you are wanting to add a vegetarian recipe or two to your own weekly menus one of the best places to start is with a simple vegetarian soup, There are a variety of meatless soups that are easy to learn how to prepare and by experimenting with seasonings and different recipes you can learn to make really satisfying and tasty soups for a light lunch or dinner or as a starter before the main meal. Creative vegetarians can easily create beautiful and delicious vegetarian entrees by simply using vegetable grains and nuts.
If you want specific basic vegetarian food recipes the Internet is a great source of information and there are different sites offer you recipes that are quick and easy. A vegetarian lunch does a great job of holding you over until dinner, without weighing you down and giving you the afternoon sluggishness.
When most meat eaters consider going vegetarian, they picture themselves eating salads and think it will be miserable. Most of the time when they try to make hamburgers vegetarian they end up with veggie burgers.
Chili lends itself quite well to being a vegetarian dish, and here are a few veggie chilis that rival any containing meat. Indian cuisine is known for being traditionally vegetarian, and they do amazing things with food without using any meat at all.
Vegetarian pasta dishes are easy enough to make, and they generally provide a carbohydrate that balances nicely with vegetables, especially if some of them are a source of plant protein. Pizza is a sure winner with kids and adults alike, and these healthy vegetarian pizza recipes will make you forget about things like pepperoni, sausage, and ham.
Quinoa has been getting a lot of attention lately, and showing up on more menus, not just a vegetarian restaurants.
While vegans avoid all meats and meat by products, vegetarians often include at least some meat by products in their cooking and meal preparation.
The reason for this is that vegetarians understand the use of spices and use them to create tasty dishes that are completely satisfying and even considered to be delicious by even the most avid meat eater.
Soups such as tomato, lentil, squash, pumpkin, and cabbage soup are all easy to make as well as hearty vegetarian vegetable soup. For beginners something as simple as turmeric flavored rice with a vegetable stir fry over it can make an extremely satisfying meal. The numbers don't lie, and vegetarians have a lower risk of all forms of heart disease and stroke, as well as a longer longevity, all else being equal.

The collard greens will supply plenty of phytonutrients and minerals, and the yams are one of the most recommended carbs on diet plans across the country.
Here are a handful of salads that would make even the biggest carnivores reconsider, at least for one meal. The lemon vinaigrette the include the recipe for makes sure you're not just chewing this up, but actually enjoying each bite. A few of these use eggs, which some vegetarians might not be OK with, but the others don't, and would appeal to a larger base.
They use a horseradish mayo for the top of it, and this is sure to get your mouth interested in breakfast. This means that it will not only fit nicely into a vegetarian diet but will also be great for those looking to cut out the wheat, like Paleo dieters.
The assortment of recipes here will allow you to experiment with Indian foods without using extra oils and fats. Pinto beans are responsible for the filling, and it's placed on a bed of spinach, so you're getting a nutritious meal that's a far cry from your local fast food taco chain. It's only a matter of time before someone comes along with a nine-layer dip, but we have to say this dip does look amazing, and keeps it vegetarian and healthy with a layer of black beans, as well as red peppers, veggie shreds, and a meat substitute.
They get style points for the presentation here, and you can feel secure making this for dinner guests, as it puts an eclectic spin on an old favorite. The Brussels sprouts need no introduction, it turns out your mom was right and these are super good for you. You're also including kale, which has so many benefits its even thought of as being better for you than spinach. This salad is colorful and also really good for you with the use of celery, a superfood and something you should really be eating more of, especially the fellas out there. The squash and red peppers go nicely together, and the quinoa isn't just along for the ride, it adds it's own unique flavor while also soaking up the tastes of the other ingredients.
With easy access to so many healthy vegetarian recipes you don't have to feel like there's nothing to eat. Many vegetarians use milk, cheese, and unfertilized eggs and butter in their recipes, so their food choices are wider than most people think. Some of the seasonings you will find in basic vegetarian food recipes include: Sea salt, which has more nutrients than regular table salt and can really bring out a lot of flavor in certain vegetables, nutritional yeast, which sprinkled on foods gives the foods a nice light nutty taste, garlic, anise, dill, oregano, turmeric, cardamom and mint.
For those who really crave the meaty texture mushrooms can give that meaty feel to the meal while still keeping the meal meat free and healthy.
That's reason enough to start eating more healthy vegetarian meals like the ones we're presenting here.

The hummus is made from chickpeas, which help you feel full and satisfied all afternoon.They even manage to squeeze in zucchini and eggplant for good measure. The duo of roasted beets and roasted Brussels sprouts means that your body is getting foods it really craves, and you've got a concoction of several different superfoods, including avocadoes. Putting it all in a pita makes this great for a busy morning when you need to eat on your way to work.
They are definitely keeping your health in mind when they are stacking this burger, which should keep you satisfied for hours. These form the patty for this most unusual burger, and the toppings they suggest are all good for you, and add up to being quite the meal. The addition of chutney and mint mean that you won't be short on flavor, and this is a meal that is sure to keep you full for awhile.
There's some anecdotal evidence that pickle juice may be good for you, but aside from that it just tastes good – if you're a pickle fan, at least.
It contains metabolism-boosting spices like turmeric and paprika, plus cumin and coriander seeds for plenty of taste sensation.
Parmesan, mozzarella, and feta are the three cheese amigos she's summoned for this very posh-looking pizza. The dough is made fresh, and there's pesto here, plus an assortment of green foods that are going to lend their phytonutrients and flavor to make this a pizza you won't soon forget. With so many proven health benefits when comparing meat-eaters to vegetarians it makes it worth your while to at least start having a few more vegetarian meals than you currently do. While vegetables and grains make up much of a vegetarian’s diet, these foods may include cheese or cheese sauces, butter based sauces, and are even cooked in cow’s milk as well as nut milks. The red pepper flakes give it a bit of a kick to wake up your taste buds and keep you coming back for another bite.
They use flour in this recipe, so it's not gluten-free, and many strict Paleo dieters would probably stay away as well. Aida also includes cumin and chili powder for a classic taste, and enough garlic to ward off an army of vampires. The use of basil pesto means you'll get a classic Italian taste to this and satisfy those pizza cravings once and for all.

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