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Historically, cancer has been perceived as a disease in which our genetic makeup dictates our likelihood of developing cancer.
Presently, it has become broadly recognized that the initiation and progression of cancer is an intricate web of both genetic makeup and epigenetic events that alter our gene expression. CpG island hypermethylation and down-regulation is common for many genes involved in a broad range of functions that are deregulated in cancer. Through the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Prevention Study-3, more than 300,000 men and women ranging from 30-65 years old with no personal history of cancer are participating in an epidemiological cohort study to examine the interplay between genetics, lifestyle, behavior, environment, blood factors, and waist circumference in relation to cancer risk.
To work towards cancer prevention, we must further explore how dietary modifications may achieve epigenetic reprogramming, resulting in the maintenance of normal gene expression and reversal of tumor progression.
Just signup, set up your feeds for the things you care about and find it all in one easy user-friendly and clean interface, that doesn’t look like the usual boring stuff. With 575,000 deaths attributable to cancer in 2010 in the United States, cancer-related deaths in the US are second only to those caused by heart disease, which caused 594,000.

Many studies have proven that epigenetic alterations are key components of the initiation and progression of cancer. As a result, a breadth of research is now dedicated exclusively to understanding how epigenetic alterations are involved in the earliest stages of tumor progression in order to develop epigenetic-based cancer prevention strategies. To fully understand how we can modulate cancer prevention through lifestyle, research must focus on how diet and bioactive food components specifically impact epigenetic processes.
Large epidemiological studies in combination with rigorous scientific studies help unravel the mechanisms of cancer initiation and progression.
Bringing worldwide support behind ending cancer is one of the goals of World Cancer Day this February 4th. These epigenetic processes—including DNA methylation, histone modification, and microRNA expression—are potentially reversible.
NIH funding for epigenetic research has dramatically increased from approximately $500,000 to more than $13 million dollars.

Antioxidants such as carotenoids and fiber found in many vegetables and fruit offer a variety of anti-cancer benefits. Support for pinpointing the relationship between diet, exercise, and cancer prevention is clearly on the rise. Increased dietary folate, a soluble form of B6 vitamin, consumption has been linked to a decrease in colorectal cancer through its affect on DNA methylation.
Dietary phytochemicals, that act as anti-cancer agents (including polyphenols, genistein, sulforaphane, resveratrol, and curcumin) have been shown to act through epigenetic mechanisms.

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