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Training and orientation of elementary school teachers, Headmasters, Officers of Education, Instructors Resource Persons to improve their skills.
Action Research and Experimentation to deal with specific problem of the district in achieving the objectives in the area of elementary education.
With the help of Central Government of India and under the National Education Policy 1986, District Institute of Education and Training (DIET) were established in Rajasthan State in two phases. During the first phase, DIET were established in 14 Districts of the State in June 1995 and second phase comprised of remaining 15 Districts of Rajasthan in October 1996. As you are looking for the 8th class result for the rajasthan board so here I am providing you some details for it .. Other Discussions related to this topic Thread Rajasthan Board 10 Class Results Result 8th Rajasthan board Result of 12th Board of Rajasthan Board Ajmer I want to confirm the 10 th class result of u.p.
We will promote inclusive growth in India through focused initiatives in the identified areas including primary healthcare, elementary education, skill development & sustainable livelihoods and financial inclusion.
After working in systemic curriculum and education reform through ICICI Bank for over a decade, ICICI Foundation has taken its dedication to achieving quality elementary education to the state level in Rajasthan. Our partnership with the government is designed to support and enable education functionaries to deliver quality education in alignment with the current government mandates and to strengthen the state’s teacher education apparatus.
ICICI Foundation has helped form a state-level teacher educator group comprising SIERT faculty, select DIET faculty, select block-level functionaries, schoolteachers and external resource persons from NGOs and universities.

To provide a sustainable programme of teacher and student education reform, ICICI Foundation drew on its experience with district-level work in Baran, Rajasthan.
Based on our experiences in elementary education in Rajasthan, we look forward to expanding our work to other states. The first alumni meet of the 1985 onward batch of Regional Institute of Education, Ajmer was held on 20 August 2011, coinciding with the Golden Jubilee Year of NCERT at the institute assembly hall. The birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi was celebrated as International Non-Violence day on 2nd October, 2011 by students and staff of Regional Institute of Education, Ajmer Day. The training of DIET faculty of Rajasthan state in basic computer and preparation of PowerPoint Presentation at Elementary Level was held at RIE, Ajmer from July 18-22, 2011. The Orientation-cum-Training programme for the 29 KRPs of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan was organized at RIE Ajmer from September 26-30, 2011. Dr Anand Kumar Arya, Assistant Professor in Chemistry Presented a research paper in 3rd International Conference on Heterocyclic Chemistry Organized by Department of Chemistry, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur during Dec 10-13, 2011. ICICI Foundation’s collaboration with the Government of Rajasthan began in 2007, when ICICI Foundation began working on the Quality Education Programme (QEP) in Baran district, in partnership with two in-state NGOs, Digantar and Vidya Bhawan Educational Resource Centre.
ICICI Foundation is working with the Government of Rajasthan to deliver monthly and quarterly progress and financial reports and to institutionalise a quality benchmarking system for pre-service and in-service teacher education training programmes. Padambhushan Sri Anil Bodiya, former education Secretary, MHRD, Government of India, was the chief guest and Sri Atul Sharma, IAS, Divisional Commissioner of Ajmer and Vice Chancellor, M.D.

The 22 participants from the States of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Haryana and Chandigarh participated in the training programme.
The training methodology comprises lectures, individual work, group work, group discussion in different areas, such as physical education, work education, art education and different teaching techniques etc.
Saryug Yadav published four research papers (i) Constructivism and the New Progression of Language Education in English Language Teaching: New Perspectives edit.
The lessons and achievements from this programme encouraged the Government of Rajasthan and ICICI Foundation to carry forward their work at the state level for another six years.
As RTE (2009) has covered various aspect of Education like various Education, Physical & Health Education and Art Education etc. Chughtai, Head, DE discussed the importance of educational programmes and various activities of department of education. Dr Nagendra Singh, head, DEE gave a brief report about the in-service & pre-service programmes, teacher education and various training programmes conducted by the department of extension education.

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