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Also, there’s the little fact that I have on more than one occasion fainted while drinking Diet Coke.
So, the Crystal Light people sent me a small package of many Crystal Light On The Go Pure Fitness Grape, 7-Count Boxes of their new Pure Fitness drink mixes.
Yeah, I know, I used to be the biggest Diet Coke head on the planet, absolutely having a Pavlovian response to the siren call of a 32 oz bubbly bucket of pure caffeinated cancer.

Add Protein Drink Mix to your favourite Formula 1 shakeВ  mixing with water for a nutritious meal. As it mixes so well and creates a creamy shake, it becomes a substitute for milk, hence fewer visits to the supermarket! And looking at the ingredients, they are absolutely right about the flavors: even the purple color comes from purple carrot extract and dried hibiscus flower.

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