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Alongside Diet Dr Pepper and Dr Pepper Wild Cherry Diet, the no calorie options continue to grow!
Dr Pepper Cherry Diet is the best alternative for those who love the smooth taste of Dr Pepper, a hint of cherry and, as ever, the game of trying to describe the underlying taste of Dr Pepper! A splash of cherry, a hint of vanilla, and the authentic taste of Dr Pepper–a refreshing blast from the past. I think the amount of junk used to make the cherrys not super soggy and stay somewhat "together" is just another reason I won't try this. Pepper, and I'm a fan of chocolate covered cherries, however, I'd never thought of mashing the two flavors together.

I was hoping to find it in non diet because I hate the after taste of Aspartame, but it seems to be only available in diet.
I just bought a 12-pack the other day when I noticed it was regular Vanilla Coke instead of diet. I have used diet cherry dr pepper and added chocolate syrup to it and it tastes ok but not exact. If you've ever had Kozy Shack pudding- the chocolate with cherries in the bottom- that's exactly what it tastes like! It tastes like a cherry tootsie roll pop when you are down to the tootsie roll part with a little cherry candy still mixed in.

This year the latest limited edition flavored soda on the shelves is Cherry Chocolate Diet Dr.

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